Registration: Tuition Adjustments and Withdrawals

Policy for Adjustment of Tuition and Fees

Please consult the Academic Calendar for add/drop deadlines each semester. During the open enrollment period, if students drop classes which results in a change to their bill, refunds will be processed automatically by the Office of the Bursar. Students can contact the Office of the Bursar for information about when a refund will be generated.

After the drop/add deadline, the below refund schedule goes into effect. Refunds are automatic according to the below schedule.

Tuition and General Fee Adjustments

Full refunds for tuition and the general fee for a course are available only through the  add/drop deadline for that course. After that, tuition and the general fee are refunded only for term withdrawals according to the schedule below (under Term Withdrawals).

After the add/drop deadline, withdrawing from a single course does not generate any adjustment of tuition & fees, even if the student’s enrollment changes from full-time to part-time. Refer to the  Academic Calendar  for course-specific deadlines. These percentages apply to the total tuition bill, not to partial tuition payments. Questions  about this, as well as when students will receive their refund, should be directed to the  Office of the Bursar.

Course Withdrawal

The following states how much tuition and general fees will be refunded based on when a course is dropped:

  • From enrollment through the course add/drop deadline: 100% 
  • After add/drop deadline: No refund for individual course drops.  

Term Withdrawal

The following states how much tuition and general fees will be refunded based on when you withdraw.  Please note that there is no refund for a course withdrawal, even if the withdrawal changes the enrollment status from full-time to part-time.  The schedule below applies to term withdrawals (withdrawing from all courses within the term) only:

  • From the day after add/drop through 12.50% of course length:  80% 
  • 12.51% - 19.44% of course length:  60% 
  • 19.45% - 26.39% of course length:  50% 
  • 26.40% - 33.33% of course length:  40% 
  • Greater than 33.33% of course length:  No Refund 

When an Adjustment WILL NOT Be Made

No refund will be given if the student:

  • Drops a course but retains full-time status; 
  • Reduces their credit load after the end of the add/drop period but retains part-time status, or 
  • Owes the University money. 

Technology Tuition Fee

The Technology Tuition Fee is only refundable in full if the student drops all courses by the end of the add/drop period  for the session.   This fee will not be refunded partially or in full for any courses dropped after the add/drop period.

Tuition / General Fee Appeals

Any appeals concerning the refund policy for tuition and the general fee are made to the Office of the Registrar.

Housing / Meal Fee Appeals

Appeals concerning the Housing or Meal Fee are made to the  Office of Residence Life and Housing Services.