If you attended DURING 1985 or AFTER: Order via myWCU

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  1. Log-in to your myWCU to order an official transcript. ALL CURRENT STUDENTS and those who attended WCU during 1985 or after MUST order via myWCU. Please visit Info Services for log-in help.
  2. In myWCU, navigate to the Academic Records tile and click on Order Official Transcript.
  3. Once you get to the ordering page, you can choose from the following products:
    1. eTranscript
    2. Mail Transcript
    3. Pick-up Transcript
    4. Replacement Diploma

Download detailed ordering instructions for attendees DURING 1985 or AFTER.

If you attended DURING 1984 or BEFORE: Order via Parchment


  1. Create an account to order a transcript by visiting our partner service, Parchment.
    • Once you have created an account you can log-in using the same username/password for future orders.
  2. Once you get to the ordering page, you can choose from the following products:
    1. Mail Transcript
    2. eTranscript
    3. Pick-up Transcript
    4. Replacement Diploma

Download detailed ordering instructions for attendees DURING 1984 or BEFORE.

Failure to follow ordering instructions will result in your order being CANCELLED! NO PAPER FORMS ARE ACCEPTED.

Reminder to current students:

  • Check your myWCU account for any holds on your record. You will not be able to request a transcript if you have any outstanding holds on your account.
  • If You Are Waiting for Current Grades to Post: Grades are typically posted at noon on the Thursday following final exam completion. For exact dates, please visit our Academic Calendar. Be sure to check your Unofficial Transcript before placing your order!
  • If You Are Graduating: Wait for your degree to be awarded! Click on the Unofficial Transcript link in your myWCU account. Please note that the "degree awarded" information is displayed on the last page of the unofficial transcript. Submit your transcript request once the degree displays as awarded.
  • Unofficial Transcripts in myWCU can be used for informational purposes but do not include the student's name. You can find the Unofficial Transcript link by logging into myWCU.

General Guidelines for Ordering a Transcript

A transcript is a listing of all the courses you have taken, your grades, major, and the date of your graduation, if applicable. You will need an official transcript to apply to another college, university, or if your employer wants verification that you graduated.

  • In myWCU you may select a paper transcript or an E-Transcript (certified PDF), which can be emailed. The cost is $7.00 per transcript.
  • Transcripts requested to be held for in-office pick-up that are not retrieved within 30 days will be destroyed.
  • Current term In-Progress courses will not display on a West Chester University transcript. Only courses that have been graded will display.

Attaching a Form to Your Paper Transcript

  • For eTranscripts and Paper Transcripts - Mailed: Under Order Options location the Attachment (Optional), click Choose File to upload your document. 
  • For Paper Transcripts - Pick Up:
    1. Submit the completed form for the organization to the Transcript Clerk.
    2. The form may be faxed to 610-436-2370 ATTN: Transcript Clerk or emailed to transcripts @ wcupa.edu.
    3. Send an email to transcripts @ wcupa.edu with your name and basic info to alert the transcript clerk to attach the form when the paper transcript is processed.
    4. NOTE: Please wait 24 HOURS after completing Step 2 before you complete this step. Submit your paper transcript request online AFTER you have submitted the completed form for the organization to the Registrar's office (Step 1) and emailed to transcripts @ wcupa.edu (Step 2).

NOTE: Students are responsible for uploading their completed attached documents during the transcript ordering process. If transcripts are not accepted by third party organizations because students failed to upload attached documents, the Registrar's Office is not responsible.

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