MPH Fast Track

The MPH Fast Track Program will enable qualified undergraduates to enroll in two graduate health courses during their senior year along with two approved 400 level health courses. Students will complete 12 credits that will meet the MPH Program requirements by the end of the senior year which can enable completion of the MPH degree as a full time student during the following year. The courses for the MPH Fast Track taken in senior year will apply to the undergraduate degree and these courses will meet the requirements for the graduate degree.

Further Information

Advising Sheets

Eligibility Requirements

  • WCU undergraduate students must be in their senior year (with a completion of 90 credits) with a cumulative 3.0 grade point average before the start of the graduate courses.
  • All students will complete a MPH Fast Track Approval Form  and meet with their undergraduate and appropriate MPH program advisor in the spring semester of their junior year to prepare for the MPH Fast Track Program.
  • Students will again meet with the MPH advisor during their senior year to ensure appropriate advising for the transition from undergraduate to graduate studies.
  • Undergraduate students will apply for admission into the MPH Program in the spring semester of their senior year.
  • Statistics Requirement: All students will need to complete MAT121: Introduction to Statistics before enrolling in HEA520: Public Health Epidemiology and HEA526: Biostatistics for Public Health. Students also have the option of completing this course equivalent at a Community College or another university. Course equivalencies at regional universities are available at the Office of the Registrar website.
  • WCU Majors Eligible for the MPH Fast Track Program:
    • B.S. Public Health/Health Promotion
    • B.S. Environmental Health
    • B.S. Health Science
    • B.S. Health Science/Respiratory CareB.S. Professional Studies/Health Science Minor/Nutrition Minor
  • Other WCU Majors: All WCU Majors will be considered for the MPH Fast Track Program if these students take two 400 eligible health courses and two graduate health courses during their senior year and meet the requirements for taking graduate courses as an undergraduate student. These students will need to meet with a MPH advisor during their junior year.
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