Vendor Information and Guidelines

This information applies only to non West Chester University organizations. West Chester University departments and Student Organizations can refer to the Room Reservations and Meeting Space page.

Vendor Application

All outside vendors must complete the Vending Application - Guidelines and Terms and Conditions As soon as it is returned, you will be contacted as to the status of the application.

West Chester University, through its Affirmative Action policy, is committed to providing leadership in extending equal opportunities to all individuals. Accordingly, the University will make every effort to provide these rights to all persons regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and veteran status. The policy applies to all members of the University community including students, faculty, staff and administrators. It also applies to all applicants for admission or employment and all participants in University-sponsored activities. As an integral part of the University, the Sykes Student Union Advisory Board supports this policy of non-discrimination.

Criteria for Consideration of Proposals for Sales with the West Chester University's Sykes Student Union

  1. Applications will be judged on previous successful sales experience, reference checks, past and present performance, and compatibility with the existing operations.
  2. Merchandise must be legal, no bootleg items; items made through copyright infringement; no drug, alcohol and sexual related items; no candles, incense or other items may be burned.
  3. The West Chester University Sykes Student Union staff reserves the right to inspect and approve the quality and selection of the merchandise.

Please Note:  All taxes, including sales tax, are the responsibility of the vendor as legislated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

General Terms and Conditions

All activities will be conducted from the designated assigned area, allowing people to approach the areas of their own free will.  Approaching people away from the assigned space and vocal coercion will not be permitted.  Vendors are expected to act in a professional manner at all times.

  • Reservations for the rental of a vending space with Sykes Student Union may be made in person, over the phone or in writing to Stacy Houck, Administrative Assistant to the Director of Sykes Student Union, West Chester University, 110 W. Rosedale Ave., West Chester, PA 19383, (610)436-3254, or Stacy Houck. .
  • Vending space is available each day, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm each day.  Weekend hours are available through special request.  Vendors are restricted to no more than two (2) days per week unless by special permission.
  • The vending fees and process are as follows: 
    • General vendors -1 (one) table $60.00 for the fall semester and $60.00 during the spring semester one (1) table, per day, per space. For two tables you will be charged $75.00. Two table maximum per vendor.
    • When you have been notified of your confirmation, please send your payment to:
      • West Chester University
      • Sykes Student Union, Room 105
      • 110 W. Rosedale Ave.
      • West Chester, PA  19383
    • Checks should be made payable to:  West Chester University/Vending
    • You must submit payment prior to your confirmed date or the day of your reserved space. If you do not have your payment you will not be allowed to set up your space.
  • Vendors are confined to a space, approximately 6ft. by 6ft. One table will be provided. Items stored and additional racks brought must be kept within your space and neat in appearance.
  • Vendors are permitted to purchase more than one table for an additional charge.
  • The University will attempt to avoid renting table space to more than one vendor selling similar items on the same day, but it does occur.
  • The selling or giving away of food and items that are in competition with the Student Services Inc. Campus Store or WCU Campus Dining Services is prohibited.
  • Vendors must abide by all Federal, Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, West Chester University and Sykes Student Union policies.
  • Vendors must clean up all refuse and debris caused by the sale of merchandise, prior to leaving Sykes Student Union.
  • Extension cords, hand trucks or flat-bed carts will not be provided.
  • Loading and unloading should be done through the building loading area.  Vendors are to use the freight elevator only.
  • Temporary parking permits are available from the Sykes Student Union Administrative Office Information Desk.   Vendors may park in designated spaces with a parking permit.  Tickets received for illegal parking, or vehicles that are towed, are your responsibility.  No more than two (2) passes per vendor are distributed. If no parking spots are available, vendors are encouraged to unload and park in one of the campus parking garages
  • Sykes Student Union reserves the right to cancel an advance reservation.  The office will give as much notice as possible and will attempt to reschedule the vending date.
  • Two (2) no shows, without proper notification, will result in the loss of space privilege for the remainder of the semester or academic year.  A cancellation fee of $25.00 per space date may be charged for the remainder of the scheduled dates.
  • Vendors may not be sponsored by student organizations.  Vendors wishing to work with student organizations may do so but must follow all vending guidelines including the space rental fee.  A company representative must also be on site at all times. 
  • Sykes Student Union is the designated space on the West Chester University Campus where vending may take place.  Vending in other campus locations is not permitted without prior approval. 
  • Vendor’s TAX ID # is required for application approval.
  • Insurance is the responsibility of the vendor.
  • West Chester University is not responsible for any property brought onto or maintained on this campus by the vendor or agents.  The vendor accepts sole responsibility for any such property.
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