Dining Options

Whether you're hungry between classes or you would like a more leisurely meal, Ram's Head Food Court has something for everyone. From cheese steaks to salads at Grille Works and Greens to Go and from the delicious options at Chick-Fil-A to the healthy wraps at Sandwich Shack. They are now even serving sushi that is delivered daily. Chances are if there is something you want to eat, they will have it!


At ecoGrounds; we say “consciously great coffee” because quality comes from attention to detail. We invest in certified coffees, responsible sourcing and better business practices because they make a difference for our trading partners and our environment – today and tomorrow. And we’re fanatics about roasting and processing, so that the great beans we source become great tasting coffee in your cup. All ecoGrounds coffee is certified Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade, Direct Relationship and/or Organic. The ecoGrounds program offers clients and guests a nearly 100% sustainable alternative to traditional coffee houses.

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