Building Procedures

Sykes Student Union is a building with unrestricted public access. Sykes has four floors. The Student Union is intended to be used for authorized campus activities by students, faculty, staff and guests. Loitering is prohibited and violators will be required to leave the building.


  • Approval for posting flyers on bulletin boards throughout the building is obtained through the building's administration office located at the Information Desk. No more than four flyers are permitted, and the Sykes Student Union staff will be responsible for posting all approved flyers. They will remain hung for two weeks.
  • All advertisements must respect the human rights and personal dignity of individuals. Advertisements that demean others on the basis of race, lifestyle, religion, disability, national origin, sexual orientation or gender are strictly prohibited. Advertisements by organizations should be complementary to the mission of the University and adhere to community standards of civility and good taste.
  • Advertisements depicting drug or alcohol use, abuse, sale or distribution is prohibited.
  • All unauthorized postings or those not following the guidelines will be removed.


  • Members of the West Chester University community may hang banners on the front railings of the building and inside from the second floor stairwell.
  • Requests are submitted via 25Live for "SYK Banner Rail Inside" or "SYK Banner Rail Outside" 
  • Banners may be no larger than 4' x 15' and must be approved by the Sykes Student Union Administration in Room 105.
  • Banners will only be hung for two weeks and must be removed by the sponsoring group. Banners removed after two weeks by Sykes Student Union staff will be discarded.

Student Organization Mailboxes

A limited number of mail slots are located within the student organizations complex located on the second floor and will be assigned based on availability. Contact the Sykes Information Desk for details.


Service animals and guide dogs are allowed. Other animals are not permitted in Sykes Student Union without permission from Sykes Student Union Administration and Environmental Health and Safety.

Smoking & Tobacco

Smoking or carrying a lighted pipe, cigar, cigarette, e-cigarette, vape or any other type of smoking paraphernalia is prohibited in all university buildings. Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas on campus.

Bicycles & Skateboards, etc.

These modes of transportation are not permitted in the Student Union or on the steps, ramp or patio. Racks for securing bikes are located outside of each building entrance. It is prohibited for anyone to use, ride, propel or otherwise operate a skateboard on the public sidewalks and parking lots of West Chester University. Bicycles and skates are permitted on University property for the sole purpose of transportation. Electronic skateboards, including self-balancing boards/scooters, and any other similar equipment, are prohibited from being possessed, used/ridden, stored or charged in any University owned, operated or leased property, due to their potential fire and fall injury hazards. These devices are prohibited in residence halls, apartments, University Student Housing properties, classrooms, dining areas, laboratories, meeting rooms and all other campus facilities, campus grounds, and other off campus properties controlled by the University.

Shirts & Shoes

Due to health regulations both shirts and shoes are required to be worn while in Sykes Student Union.

Fire & Flames

The use of any kind of open flame, which includes candles, lighters, fireworks and matches is prohibited. Certain functions in the Ballrooms may use candles with expressed permission from Sykes Student Union Administration and Environmental Health and Safety.

Decorations & Chalking

  • Decorations and the removal of decorations must occur during the reserved time of the event by the organization holding the event.
  • Glitter is not permitted due to the fact that it is very hard to clean. Confetti can be used as long as confetti pieces are larger than a quarter.
  • Duct tape and clear packing tape cannot be used on any surface. Blue painters tape and black gaffers tape (available at the Sykes Information Desk) is permitted. Tacks, nails and staples are not permitted.
  • Due to people with severe latex allergies on campus, we recommend the use of non-latex balloons. If you choose to decorate with latex balloons, please notify the Building Managers at the Information Desk so they can post signage about the presence of latex in the building.
  • At no time may doors, fire exits, elevators, hallways, or foot traffic be blocked by any event or event set up. All set-ups must observe fire code and ADA accessibility.   Desk) is permitted. Tacks, nails and staples are not permitted.
  • Chalking of sidewalks or any other surface is prohibited.

Vendors & Solicitation

This policy pertains to student groups and external paying vendors. Solicitation is considered any activity in which an action is requested of another individual for any purpose. Sales, petitions, surveys and distribution of printed or free materials are considered solicitation under this policy. Solicitation is only permitted at your reserved lobby table. The vendor must remain within their reserved area and may not approach facility patrons or call out to patrons walking by. People will approach your table if they are interested. Detailed information for vendor contracts, policies and fees can be found at Vendor Information and Guidelines.

Amplified Music & Sound

Amplified sound is defined as any sound that is broadcast through electronically amplified equipment or sound that is electronically enhanced.  Amplified sound such as music should always be kept a reasonable volume so as to not interfere with instructional activity or the administrative operation of the university. The use of amplified sound will not be permitted if such use would disrupt a previously scheduled event or function.  Sykes staff retains the right to lower all sound within Sykes Student Union at their discretion.


If you have any comments, concerns, or suggestions, we encourage you to share them with us. We at Sykes Student Union, strive provide excellence and we appreciate your feedback.

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