University Event Planning Guide & Policies

This website supports the University Event Policy, the purpose of which is to provide clear, consistent, and equitable expectations for staff, faculty, students, and external constituents to ensure the safe and successful implementation of events in University-owned or rented spaces. The policy applies to events sponsored by WCU departments, colleges/schools, academic units, student organizations, and external entities. The goal is to streamline information, create consistency, minimize risk, ensure accessibility, and make effective and responsible use of space as a valuable shared resource.

Following are relevant policies, protocols, and information for staff, faculty, students, and external entities planning events in University-owned and rented properties. These policies and procedures must be abided by to ensure safety, accessibility, and responsible use of space. Building managers and policy owners are responsible for ensuring the policies and procedures related to their spaces and areas are kept up to date and are accessible on the University website.

Some venues have their own specific policies and procedures that require compliance. Building managers are responsible for keeping these policies, procedures, and venue information details up to date and accessible on the website. At a minimum, this should include the following:

  • Venue Capacity
  • Reservation Method and Timeline
  • Event Set-up and Custodial Procedures
  • Decorations Policy
  • Early/Late Access to Space Guidelines

Some of our most commonly used venues include the following:

Academic Quad

Academic Quad Policy Link Coming Soon


Ehinger Gym

Ehinger Gym Policy Link Coming Soon


Policies and procedures related to the following topics are applicable to all events, regardless of venue. Event planners should work closely with building managers and other key offices to ensure compliance.

Advertising and Signage

Guidance on promoting events can be found on the University Communications and Marketing website and the Student Affairs Communications and Marketing website. Advertising is also guided by our Commercial Advertising and Commercial Sales Policy . Event planners should also consult with the venue managers, who may have their own venue-specific advertising guidelines.

Acceptable Use

Priority for the use of a specific facility within the context of the purpose for which that facility was designed (gymnasium, classroom, offices, etc.), is assigned as follows: 1. University academic activities. 2. University-sponsored events including athletic events and student events 3. University co-sponsored activities: a. Academic b. Athletic c. Student 4. Non-University/External constituents Student groups are given the highest priority for the use of the Earl F. Sykes Student Union Building. At all times the University maintains the right to determine which activities are appropriate to be held on the campus. Access the full policy here.


Event planners must provide reasonable accommodations to allow individuals with disabilities to participate in University programs as outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act Policy . For training on how to plan accessible and inclusive events and programs, visit the Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’s Training and Education offerings.  


Alcohol may be served at WCU or WCU Foundation owned or leased property for official WCU events only with prior written approval of the University President and must be catered by University Dining Services. This policy is only intended to serve WCU employees, WCU Foundation, and WCU Alumni for University sanctioned events. This policy does not apply to students (undergraduate or graduate), student organizations/clubs, etc. and their events under any circumstances. Access the full policy here.

Amplification of Sound

It shall be the general policy of the University that academic programs be given maximum protection from intrusion of amplified sound. Therefore, amplification of any sound that interferes with classroom instruction or normal University operations shall not be permitted. Access full policy here.


In some cases, WCU allows animals in its buildings, vehicles, or facilities when they are serving a University-approved purpose, or meet the definition of Service Animals, Service Animal in Training, or Emotional Support Animals as provided in the Animals On Campus Policy.

Contracting and Purchasing

All transactions for the purchase of goods and services using education and general or auxiliary dollars shall be made through the Purchasing Office, per the Contracting Process Policy . All transactions for the purchase of goods and services using student fee money shall be made through Student Services Incorporated (SSI), as guided by the Guide to SSI Policies and Procedures .

Custodial & Grounds Maintenance Event Support

If your event requires the support of grounds or custodial for items such as staff coverage or additional waste bins, tables , or chairs, please request this by filling out a work order via this link. To complete a work order you must be connected to the campus network.

External Entities

External entities wishing to host an event on the West Chester University campus should visit the Conference Services website for more information.

Facilities Plant Operations & Maintenance Support

If your event requires the support of maintenance for items such as power requirements, staging, or tents, please request this by filling out a work order  via this link. To complete a work order you must be connected to the campus network.


WCU has a fully executed contract with ARAMARK Educational Services, Inc. for ARAMARK to prepare and serve food in all University designated dining facilities. ARAMARK shall also be responsible for the preparation and delivery of food items as ordered to all other University facilities throughout campus and as designated by the University. ARAMARK should have the first right of refusal for all catered affairs. Complete access to their policies can be found on the ARAMARK website.

Inclement Weather

If WCU is closed, all University-related events or functions, as well as any non-university events happening on campus will also be cancelled. If inclement weather occurs on a weekend or over a break, and the University is not officially closed, a decision on whether to hold the event or not will be made in consultation with the appropriate campus parties and the organization.

Mascot Appearances

Rammy, the WCU Golden Rams mascot, is available for event appearances. Appearance request information is detailed here.

Outdoor Events

Outdoor events require the implementation of a plan for inclement weather. This plan must include one of the following: 1) event cancellation plan, 2) holding the event rain or shine, 3) planning an alternative date for the event, or 4) reserving indoor space that may be used on the same date. This plan should be determined in conjunction with the venue manager prior to the event.


Parking on campus is governed by the Parking Services Policy . It is the responsibility of the event host to organize parking for any non-WCU guests attending their event with WCU Parking Services. Visitor’s parking spots across campus are first come first serve and are not guaranteed and should not be relied upon for non-WCU guests. Additional questions about parking for your event should be directed to WCU Parking Services .


The Photography Policy restricts the use of a staff photographer housed in University Communications and Marketing to take images that market and/or promote activities directly associated with West Chester University only. University personnel seeking to use the photography services provided by WCU’s staff photographer are to initiate a request by completing an online photographer request form within 10 days of any given event using the Photographer Request form.

President Appearances & Remark Requests

If you would like to request the West Chester University president attend your event and/or give remarks, please contact the president's senior associate for his availability. Once confirmed, please follow the below steps detailed on the Speech Request form

Protection of Minors

The University must promote the safety and security of children who participate in programs held on University property as guided by the Protection of Minors policy . Event planners are encouraged to denote their event in advertising as "family friendly" when applicable to assist students who are parents. 

Reserving Space

Most venues are reserved via the 25Live system. For venues not reservable through this system, please contact the venue manager directly.

Student Organization Events

In addition to the policies listed here, student organization hosting events should consult the Student Leadership and Involvement event planning page for additional information and support.


A guide to planning sustainable events is coming soon!