Differential Equations with MATLAB: Exploration, Application and Theory



In order to use the MATLAB GUIs, you must first download all the files from the folder "McKibben_Webster_Book_GUIs", posted below.  By clicking the link below, a folder of the "Required Files" will be downloaded to your computer. Open up the downloaded "McKibben_Webster_Book_GUIs" folder. Now, in order for the GUI to run following the instructions provided in the text, the "Current Folder" for MATLAB must be set to "McKibben_Webster_Book_GUIs"


Partial Solutions and Hints to Problems

Partial Solutions and Hints to Exercises, MATLAB Exercises, and EXPLORE!s

The following files contain partial solutions and hints to the multitude of exercises, MATLAB exercises, and EXPLORE! projects found in the textbook. 

Acknowledgement! Andrew Stump and Gavin Hobbs both put forth a concerted effort in beta-testing the GUIs in Chapters 1, 2, 9, and 11, as well as working through all of the exercises and projects.  If it were not for their efforts, these four files would not have come to fruition!

Chapter Partial Solutions and Hints File
1 McKibben Webster Chapter 1

McKibben Webster Chapter 2

McKibben Webster Chapter 2

3 McKibben Webster Chapter 3
4 McKibben Webster Chapter 4
5 McKibben Webster Chapter 5
7 McKibben Webster Chapter 7
9 McKibben Webster Chapter 9
11 McKibben Webster Chapter 11

Additional Resources with this Textbook

Additional resources (books, journal articles, websites, JAVA applets and demonstrations, etc.) have been gathered for many of the different models developed in this textbook.  For each of the models listed in the left column of the table below, an Excel spreadsheet containing links, each with a description of the resource and an assessment of its utility, is provided in the right column.

Acknowledgment.  This work is the result of the concerted effort of WCU mathematics graduate students Michael Clemons, Chris Hegland, Gavin Hobbs, and Brian Kolins during the 2014 – 2015 academic year.  Each of them spent countless hours scouring the Internet in search of the best resources.  Kudos to you all!

Mathematical Model Excel Spreadsheet of Links
Autocatalyses and Chemical Reactions involving PDEs Autocatalyses and Chemical Reactions involving PDEs
Chemical Kinetics Chemical Kinetics
Combat and Neural Networks Combat and Neural Networks
Diffusion Diffusion
Pharmacokinetics Pharmacokinetics
Projectile Motion Models Projectile Motion Models
Spatial Pattern Formation Spatial Pattern Formation
Springs and Electric Circuits Springs and Electric Circuits
Uniform Mixing Models Uniform Mixing Models
Wave Equations Wave Equations

Sample Student Projects

The following are the student capstone projects in MAT 493 at WCU from the Spring 2015 semester created by:  Anthony Doria, Richard Bartels, Paul Johnson, Ryan Knab, Prabhat Kumar, and Lauren Weaver.  Our textbook was used as the primary text for this course.  Their Power Point presentations and formal reports are included in the table below.
Mathematical Model PowerPoint Presentation Report
Chemical Kinetics Chemical Kinetics Chemical Kinetics
Modeling Earthquakes Modeling Earthquakes Modeling Earthquakes
Neural Networks Neural Networks Neural Networks
Projectile Motion Projectile Motion Projectile Motion
Respiration Model Respiration Model Respiration Model
Spring Mass Systems Spring Mass Systems Spring Mass Systems

Dr. Mark A. McKibben   Dr. Micah Webster

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