Editorial Experience

Editorships of Special Issues of Journals

  • N. I. Mahmudov, M. A. McKibben, S. Rathinasamy, and Y. Ren (Eds.), Control, Stability, and Qualitative Theory of Dynamical Systems [Special Issue],Abstract and Applied Analysis, Nov. 2013.
  • N. I. Mahmudov, M. A. McKibben, S. Rathinasamy, and Y. Ren (Eds.), Control, Stability, and Qualitative Theory of Dynamical Systems - II [Special Issue],Abstract and Applied Analysis, Feb. 2015.

Editorial Board Membership

I have served as a member of the editorial board of the following mathematics journals since August 2013:

  • Conference Papers in Mathematics  (Hindawi journal)
  • Mathematical Analysis  (Hindawi journal)
  • Journal of Function Spaces and Applications  (Hindawi journal)
  • International Scholarly Research Notices  (Hindawi journal)
  • International Journal of Analysis and Applications  (Australian journal)

Journals Refereed

I serve regularly as a referee for more than 30 peer-reviewed national and international mathematics journals, including:

  • Applications and Applied Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics and Computation
  • Applied Mathematics Letters
  • Archivum Mathematicum
  • British Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society
  • Central European Journal of Mathematics
  • Computers and Mathematics with Applications
  • Differential Equations and Applications
  • Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems
  • Dynamic Systems and Applications
  • Electronic Journal of Differential Equations
  • Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis
  • International Journal of Control
  • International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences
  • International Journal of Science and Mathematics
  • Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing
  • Journal of Applied Mathematics and Stochastic Analysis
  • Journal of Inequalities and Applications
  • Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications
  • Journal of Stochastic Analysis and Applications
  • Journal of the Korean Mathematical Society
  • Nonlinear Analysis – Series A: Theory, Methods, and Applications
  • Numerical Mathematics and Stochastics
  • Pan-American Journal of Mathematics
  • Physics Letters A
  • Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society
  • Publicationes Mathematicae
  • Statistics and Probability Letters
  • Tamkang Journal of Mathematics
  • The Oriental Journal of Mathematics
  • Electronic Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations
  • Communications in Mathematics

Book Proposal Reviews

  • “Delay Differential Evolutions Subjected to Nonlocal Initial Conditions,” Burlica, Necula, Rosu, & Vrabie, for Monographs and Research Notes in Mathematics Book Series submitted to CRC Press -   March 2015.
  • “Mathematical Modeling” by K. Heinz, submitted to CRC Press – August 2006.

Published Journal Article Reviews

I have written reviews of each of the following research articles and monographs in the areas of nonlinear analysis, abstract deterministic and stochastic evolution equations, integral equations, and partial differential equations.  They are published in the annual American Mathematical Society volume Mathematical Reviews and can be accessed via the online database MathSciNet on the American Mathematical Society website.  Thus far, I have written reviews of more than 100 journal articles.

  Published Book Reviews

I have published reviews of the following books in the column Read This!  for the Mathematical Association of America.  Each can be viewed at the indicated URL.  Excerpts from many of them have appeared in various advertisements.

  • The Nature of Mathematical Modeling, by Neil Gershenfeld, (published May 2001).
  • Arabesques and Geometry, by Antonio F. Costa and Bernardo Gómez, (published July 2000).
  • Touching Soap Bubbles, by Andreas Arnez, Konrad Polthier, et. al., (published July 2000).
  • An Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of Waves, by Roger Knobel, (published March 2000).

Textbook Reviews and Mathematical Editorial Work through 2010

  1. Johnson, Mann, and Watkins – accuracy checker for online tutorials, Jan. 2010.
  2. Barnett, “Trigonometry – Power Point Slides”, J. Wiley and Sons, Inc. –accuracy checker, Feb. 2009.
  3.  Johnson, “Statistics: Principles and Methods ,” 5thedition review in preparation for 6th edition, April 2008 and Feb. 2009.
  4. Connally, “Pre-Calculus: Functions Modeling Change 3e” – Web Interactive Homework Units, J. Wiley & Sons, Inc., February 2007 – accuracy checker.
  5. Anton, “Calculus 9e” – Computerized Test Bank, J. Wiley & Sons, Inc., Feb. 2007 – accuracy checker.
  6. Young, “Trigonometry” – Web Quiz Units, J. Wiley & Sons, Inc., January 2007 – accuracy checker.
  7. Salas, “Calculus 10e” - Web Interactive Homework Units and Computerized Test Bank, J. Wiley & Sons, Inc., Dec. 2006 – March 2007 – accuracy checker and co-author.
  8. Young, “College Algebra,” J. Wiley & Sons, Inc., August 2005 – accuracy checker.
  9. Barnett, “Trigonometry”, J. Wiley & Sons, Inc., August 2005 – accuracy checker.
  10. Anton, “Calculus: Early Transcendentals instructor manual”, J. Wiley & Sons, Inc., April 2005 – accuracy checker.
  11. Herman and Pepe, “Visual Linear Algebra solutions manual”, J. Wiley & Sons, Inc., April 2005 – accuracy checker.
  12. Anton, “Linear Algebra solution manual”, 9th edition, J. Wiley & Sons, Inc., March 2005 – accuracy checker.
  13. Ensley, “Introduction to Discrete Mathematics: Mathematical Reasoning with Puzzles, Patterns, and Games” 1st edition, J. Wiley & Sons, Jan. – Feb. 2005 – reviewer and editor of textbook and solutions manual.
  14. Johnson and Bhattacharya, “Statistics: Principles and Methods” 5th edition, J. Wiley & Sons, Inc., Dec. 2004 – reviewer.
  15. Freelance writer for Words and Numbers - Oct. – Nov. 2004.
  16. Hunt, Brian R., Lipsman, Ronald L., Osborn, John, E., and Rosenberg, Jonathan M., “Differential Equations with MATLAB” 2nd edition, J. Wiley & Sons, Inc., Nov. 2004 – accuracy checker.
  17. Boyce and DiPrima, “Elementary Differential Equations”, 8thedition, J. Wiley & Sons, Inc., Oct. 2004.
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  20. Williamson, “Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems”, McGraw-Hill Publishers,  2001.
  21. Smith and Mitton, “Calculus,” McGraw-Hill Publishers, 2001.
  22. I was one of several editors of the following two graduate textbooks – 1993, 1998
    1. Discovering Modern Set Part I: Basic Theory, by Winfried Just and Martin Weese.
    2. One-parameter Semigroups for Linear Evolution Equations, by Rainer Nagel & Klaus-Jochen Engel.