Registration: Undergraduate Non-Degree Application - Pre-Graduate Certificate Program

Application Information for Pre-Graduate Certificate Participants

The undergraduate non-degree application becomes available once the course schedule for the semester becomes accessible online. The application will remain active until the end of the Add/Drop period each semester. After the Add/Drop period, students will not be permitted to apply for that particular semester. All non-degree Pre-Graduate applicants become inactive at the end of each Spring semester. If the student is interested in continuing at West Chester University, we would require another non-degree application to be completed.

We recommend that the student completes the non-degree application as soon as they are accepted into the Pre-Graduate Program. This will allow time for the student to submit the necessary paperwork, have prerequisite requirements assessed, as well as communicate with the Department Chair, if deemed necessary. Although students will not be registered for classes until open registration, it will ensure that the student is prepared, increasing the likelihood of obtaining a seat in the class. Please consult the Academic Calendar for our open registration dates. Please consult the Academic Calendar for our open registration dates.

If you are a student who qualifies for accommodations, please see the Office of Educational Accessibility (OEA) website for information on the level of accommodation provided for college courses. Please

contact the OEA

to submit appropriate disability documentation. 

Application Process for Pre-Graduate Certificate Participants

  1. Once the acceptance notification for the Pre-Graduate Certificate Program is received, the student should complete the online non-degree application. 
  2. After the application is submitted, the student will receive an email notification almost immediately, sent to the email address supplied, verifying that the application was submitted successfully.
  3. When the application is processed, the student will receive a second email with important information, including a WCU ID number.  This ID number is used to set up the students’ self-service account (myWCU) and WCU email account. All students are required to use their WCU email address when communicating with university staff and faculty, therefore it is the responsibility of the student to activate their account as quickly as possible.
  4. Once the student activates their myWCU account, they will be able to enroll in courses, as long as they meet the prerequisite requirements and have been granted permission to enroll.  If the student receives an error message while completing their class registration, they can email the department.

Note: Certain departments may require that a hold be placed on the student account to prevent them from registering for classes or making schedule adjustments without consent.  If this is the case, all enrollment requests and schedule changes must be requested through the specific department. 


Start your application in myWCU.