Summary data sheets for each University building have been developed to provide building history, general condition, current use, and major ongoing projects. If more detailed information is needed, please contact Project Planning at 610-436-3549.

Auxiliary Buildings - Summary Index    Education/General Buildings - Summary Index

Auxiliary Building Summaries

Building ID Code Building Name (Sort Order)
ALG Allegheny Hall
BRN Brandywine Hall
COL College Arms
CWH Commonwealth Hall
GOS Goshen Hall
V50 East Village Hall, 250
V52 East Village Hall, 252
V54 East Village Hall, 254
V56 East Village Hall, 256
V58 East Village Hall, 258
KIL Killinger Hall
LAW Lawrence Center
SMT Schmidt Hall
SYK Sykes Student Union
S831 South Campus Residence Hall 831
S833 South Campus Residence Hall 833
S835 South Campus Residence Hall 835
S837 South Campus Residence Hall 837
S840 South Campus Residence Hall 840
S842 South Campus Residence Hall 842
S844 South Campus Residence Hall 844
S846 South Campus Residence Hall 846
S848 South Campus Residence Hall 848
S850 South Campus Residence Hall 850
S852 South Campus Residence Hall 852
SCD Southside
TYS Tyson Hall
UNH / V181-V193 University Hall and The Village


Educational/General Building Summaries

Building ID Code Building Name (Sort Order)
ADV 13/15 University Avenue
DBS 20 Linden Street
UNA 25 University Ave.
VIS 30 W. Rosedale Ave.
SWK 114 W. Rosedale Ave.
ALM 101 Norfolk Ave.
CAR 201 Carter Drive
LIT 210 E. Rosedale Ave.
EQN 220 E. Rosedale Ave.
SIX 624 S. High St. Greg & Sandra Weisenstein Veterans Center
FLX 701 S. High Street
BAY 703 S. High Street
PLN 809 Roslyn Ave.
WHS 821 S. Matlack Street
HGH 823 S. High Street
ATH 850 S. New Street
MAT 887 S. Matlack Street
AND Anderson Hall
BPC Business and Public Management Center
CSB Chemical Storage Building
EHG Ehinger Gymnasium
EOA Ehinger Office Annex
EOB E.O. Bull Center for the Arts
FAR Farrell Stadium
FIL Filano Hall
LB1 Francis Harvey Green Library, Phase I
LIB Francis Harvey Green Library, Phase II
GBC Graduate Center
HOL Hollinger Fieldhouse
MNH Main Hall
MCB McCoy Barn
MCF McCoy Main House
MCG McCoy Garrison
MCK McKelvie Hall (102 Rosedale)
MER Merion Science Center
MES Messikomer Hall
MIT Mitchell Hall
UNI Montemuro House
OLD Old Library
PEO People's Buildings
PHL Philips Memorial Building
PRT Psychology Research Trailer
REC Recitation Hall
REY Reynolds Hall
RUB Ruby Jones Hall
SRC Student Recreation Center
SMB/PAC Swope Music Building and The Performing Arts Center
SCL Science Complex Link
SCN Science Complex North
SCS Science Complex South
SPK Speakman Building
HSC (Sturzebecker) Health Sciences Center
TWD Tanglewood
WAY Wayne Hall


~GRG-143 102 W. Rosedale Garage
TGR Tanglewood Garage


~SHD-160 Baseball Shed, Upper
~SHD-161 Baseball Shed, Lower
~SHD-184 Hazardous Material Shed
McCoy Equipment Shed
~SHD-160 Tennis Shed

Other Buildings/Areas

GEC Glen Echo Carriage House
GEH Glen Echo House
Glen Echo Smoke House
Glen Echo Springhouse
McCoy Equipment Barn
Water Tower