Quick Help for 25Live Pro: Checking Reservation Status

Browser Support

Incompatible Internet Explorer Compatible Mozilla FireFox Compatible Google Chrome Compatible Safari
  • While logged in, click on Go to Search, located on upper right-hand corner.
  • The “Select Object” will default to
  • Under the “Saved Searches (optional)” drop down, select the “Pre-Defined Group” of Events You Have Requested.
  • Click Search. A list of events will appear below your search.
  • Click on the event you would like to check.
  • Your event will open to the “Details” page. Click on Occurrences.
  • The status of the location and/or resource requests will be shown under the Event Occurrences box. Please be aware that if you have multiple dates in a request, the location and/or resource might be confirmed for some, but not all if  Rule of thumb is to look at every date.
    • Grey shapes indicate a pending assignment – tentative location and/or resource.
    • Colored shapes indicate approved assignments – confirmed location and/or resource
  • If you have waited over one week for a response, please check with Scheduler of the space you requested.
    • Approval for events in classroom spaces will not begin until:
      • March for Summer/Fall events
      • October for Winter/Spring events
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