Student Policies

The purpose of these policies is to ensure equitable, appropriate usage of WCU facilities, and to protect individuals, as well as, university assets. 

Non-compliance with University policies will result in denial of further requests.  All policy violations will be reported to the Office of Student Leadership & Involvement, Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, and/or the Office of Student Conduct. If any damage is found, to the physical room or the technology, the group/organization will be held financially liable.

Once a confirmation for an event is received from 25Live Pro, it is the responsibility of the individual who placed the request to ensure they are familiar with all policies outlined below.


General Purpose/Academic Space Definition

A “General Purpose Classroom” is defined as shared academic space that is centrally managed by the Registrar’s Office and used for class instruction, student education, or other like activity.  Events in General Purpose Classrooms must be compatible with the educational nature of classrooms in academic buildings.  Non-class events are welcomed, but they must not adversely impact the classroom, its contents, or the surrounding area. 

Other than University-wide events, which take precedence, requests to use academic space are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis after classes have been scheduled for the semester.  There are no “guaranteed” spaces for any events and available times are contingent upon the needs of regularly scheduled class meetings.  Additionally, some academic spaces have limited or no availability on nights and weekends.  The Office of the Registrar reserves the right to adjust, deny, or cancel room confirmations, as needed.

Student organizations/groups are HIGHLY encouraged to check Sykes Student Union for availability first.

Plan for Your Event

  • Please review the Program Planning Guide prior to requesting space for your event.
  • To reserve space, your student organization/group must be recognized or have submitted a request to organize through SGA.
  • All requests can be entered through 25Live Pro. Additionally, organizations/groups can ask their faculty/staff advisors to request space on behalf of the organization/group.
  • Any questions regarding non-academic spaces should be directed to the entity that oversees the room.  See our Approver Contact List.
  • We ask that requests to use University facilities be made at least three (3) weeks prior to the event to allow for adequate processing time.  During peak times, especially at the beginning and end of each semester, confirmations to use academic space may be delayed due to high volume.  For smaller events (meetings, study groups, etc.) that require no extra coordination or external marketing, requests must be submitted no less than 3 days prior to the event date. 
  • If additional support services are required for an event, the requester must make those arrangements at least (2) weeks prior to the event with the appropriate department. Student organizations/groups can work with a faculty or staff member (i.e., group advisor or department secretary) associated with their event to submit a work order.
  • Time should be included in the reservation request to allow for set-up, break-down, and cleaning.  It is also recommended to allow at least 10 minutes between events to permit for adequate transition time.
  • Rain dates and/or rain locations may be requested when the original event request is submitted to anticipate possible inclement weather.
  • Reservation requests are processed during normal business hours (Monday to Friday).  Requests to use academic space over the weekend should be submitted by 12pm on Thursday.  Requests submitted after 12pm on Thursday for the upcoming weekend or the beginning of the following week run the risk of not being confirmed in time. 
  • The Office of the Registrar reserves the right to adjust or deny room confirmations in academic spaces, as needed.
  • Some academic spaces have limited or no availability on nights and weekends and events will not be scheduled when the University is closed or has declared a reduction in operations.

Campus Map

Please reference the campus maps for building locations and available field space on North Campus (click on North Campus Outdoor Spaces Map).



Making a Reservation

  • All reservations are TENTATIVE until the requester receives a confirmation notification.  Advertising and marketing for events should not occur until the reservation is CONFIRMED.  Please note that the email confirming your submission to reserve space DOES NOT mean your reservation is confirmed.
  • Once the reservation request has been entered into 25Live Pro, the requester will be limited on what they can edit, depending on the request status.
  • Reservation requests are typically reviewed within two (2) business days; however, this may be delayed during peak times.  Requests to use academic space over the weekend should be submitted by 12pm on Thursday.
  • Rain dates and/or rain locations may be requested when the original event request is submitted to anticipate possible inclement weather.
  • The University reserves the right to reassign space and/or cancel events to best accommodate the University community.

Editing a Reservation

  • CONFIRMED Requests:
    • If modifications need to be made, please reply to your confirmation email with the requested changes.
  • TENTATIVE Requests:
    • The requester can make changes to most fields, with exception to the Event Date and Time.  
    • Please be aware that when you edit a reservation, the Event Location may be deleted.  Before saving your edits, please make sure your Event Location is still being requested.  

If you are unable to make changes, contact the approver of the space.  Please include the Event Name and Event Reference Number (example: 2022-ABCDEF) in all communications.  Depending on the requested change, some event requests may need to be re-reviewed or resubmitted through 25Live Pro.

Canceling a Reservation

  • CONFIRMED Requests:
    • If a cancellation is required, please reply to your confirmation email with CANCEL in the subject line.
  • TENTATIVE Requests:
    • The requester should be able to cancel a request.  If you are unable to cancel your request, contact the approver of the space.  Please include the Event Name and Event Reference Number in all communications.

Canceling an event does not automatically cancel any supplemental requests made for additional services.  Requesters are required to follow up with individual departments to cancel all requests for additional services.

If the University experiences an emergency closing due to weather, utility failure, or other unforeseen disaster, the event may be canceled.  Events may also be canceled due to the untimeliness of the request, lack of sufficient support staff, space/time conflicts, etc.  The University will make every attempt to relocate or reschedule the event, rather than cancel, when feasible.

PROTECT YOUR GROUP/ORGANIZATION: While it is not required, we strongly encourage you to takes pictures of the room BEFORE and AFTER your event so there is no question that you followed the outlined policies.  If questioned, you will have timestamped photos to validate the condition of the room before and after your reservation.

More detailed information is found in the Program Planning Guide

Accessing the Space

If you experience issues accessing your reserved space, please contact Public Safety by calling (610) 436-3311 or visiting the office located at 690 South Church Street.  The Registrar’s Office does not have the ability to unlock academic spaces or buildings.  

If possible, please be able to access your confirmation received from 25Live Pro.

Furniture & Physical Layout

Furniture is required to remain in academic spaces; therefore, it is not permitted to be removed from the reserved academic space.  Similarly, additional furniture from other areas (rooms, lobbies, etc.) is not permitted to be brought into to the reserved academic space.

It is preferred that academic spaces are used “as-is” and no additional resources (tables, chairs, etc.) are requested.  If additional resources are needed, the group/organization is responsible to place a work order through the WCU Facilities Division for delivery and removal.  Directions are below.

  1. Visit the WCU Facilities Division website
  2. Click on iServiceDesk (you must be connected to the WCU Network WiFi)
  3. Select Students
  4. Log in with your WCU credentials, if needed
  5. On the left-hand side, select Move Request
  6. Provide the information

 Assistance in changing the room layout or setting up additional resources will not be provided.  All additional resources are required to be removed prior to the next scheduled class or event.  

In MHN168 (Main Hall Auditorium, Room 168) and SECC108 (Sciences & Engineering Center and The Commons, Room 108), the stage and aisle must remain clear of any furniture, such as chairs, tables, stools, etc.  ALL FURNITURE MUST REMAIN WHERE IT IS, INCLUDING PODIUMS, PORTABLE WHITEBOARDS, AND MOVEABLE FURNITURE.  All closets and technical rooms must remain closed and locked.

Cleaning Up

University facilities used for an event MUST be restored to the original condition and in good order at the end of the event.  Keeping a space in good order includes:

  • Straightening chairs, desks, and tables.
  • Turning off lights.
  • Removing everything one came with (such as papers, flyers, decorations, etc.).
  • Gathering and disposing of trash in the classroom receptacles.  If there is more trash than the receptacle can hold, dumpsters are located outside the buildings.

Failure to return the space to original condition will result in a loss of privileges to reserve space for future events.  

Users are also expected to take extra care that no damage is done to the physical space, furniture, or equipment and the room is returned to class-ready condition.  If damage is found, the group/organization will be held financially liable.


Student groups/organizations are NOT PERMITTED to use any media equipment (including projectors, screens, laptop cords, web conferencing equipment, etc.) in academic spaces unless a faculty/staff member is present and responsible.  If the technology is used and damaged, the group/organization will be held financially liable and will lose privileges to reserve space for future events.

Food and Beverages

Academic spaces are intended to be used as classrooms. They are not intended for banquets, catered events, dinners, or parties.  Bringing food and beverages into any academic space is discouraged. 

Food and beverages are NOT PERMITTED in the following spaces/areas:

  • BPC 101: Business & Public Management Center, Room 101
  • EOB 068: E.O. Bull Center Main Stage, Room 068
  • MER 112: Merion Science Center, Room 112
  • MER 113: Merion Science Center, Room 113
  • MNH 168: Main Hall Auditorium, Room 168
  • PAC 140: Performing Arts Center Theatre, Room 140
  • PHL 114: Emilie K. Asplundh Concert Hall, Room 114
  • SECC 108: Sciences & Engineering Center and The Commons, Room 108
  • SSL 151: Science Complex Link Auditorium, Room 151
  • All rooms in SWOPE Music Building (SMB)
  • All computer labs
  • Any specialty spaces (i.e. sciences labs) as determined by the overseeing department.


Requests for activities resulting in noise levels exceeding the noise level of general lecture courses should not be scheduled in academic spaces between the hours of:

  • 8:00am – 10:00pm (Monday through Thursday)
  • 8:00am – 4:00pm (Friday)

Alcohol, Smoking, & Safety


  • Alcoholic beverages are generally not permitted in or on WCU facilities.


  • All WCU facilities are non-smoking.
  • Contact the Facility Administrator for information regarding the designated smoking areas for specific buildings.


  • Legal occupancy figures for every classroom, lecture hall, and meeting space have been determined and distributed by the Fire Marshal.
  • Special decorations must be approved by the Fire Marshal.
  • Open flames are not permitted in any facility.

Support Services & Fees

  • Fees may be charged per Section III of the Facility Use Policy.
  • If the support service department requires personnel overtime to facilitate the event, the group/organization may be liable for this expense.
    • The Facilities Division has the right to assign sufficient overtime support to ensure that the event is properly set and cleaned up.
    • Public Safety has the right to assign sufficient staff to provide adequate support for scheduled events.
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