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Campus and Classroom Scheduling

Faculty and Staff

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Campus and Classroom Scheduling

25 University Avenue
West Chester, PA 19383

Janine Morris
Shaleia Rogers
Phone: 610-436-2252

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Faculty and Staff

  • Use 25Live for Reservations
    Faculty and Staff may reserve academic facilities for WCU-related and/or sponsored events via 25Live.
  • Use the Faculty Portal
    The Faculty Portal is designed to assist with class building and other academic administration. You will need your WCU login and password to access this site.
  • Reservation Modifications
    Please refer to our Quick Help for Editing a Reservation and/or Canceling a Reservation.
  • For Non-WCU Events, Call 610-436-6931
    If you are planning an event that is not University-related or if the event is a Conference Workshop, faculty and staff must work with the Office of Conference Services.

General Purpose Classroom and Course Scheduling

This function is an ongoing process throughout the year as one schedule is executed while others are being developed. Course and Classroom Management works with academic departments to determine realistic needs for instructional space and with the Department of Facilities Planning and Construction to determine what spaces will be affected by renovation schedules.

How are classrooms assigned?

Classrooms are assigned to Academic Departments for scheduling classes via the master schedule by the Associate Registrar for Course and Event Management.

Assignments are made through a combined analysis of historical use, availability of overall instructional space, and academic department needs.

More information on how classrooms are assigned can be found on the Faculty Portal.

Faculty/Staff Policies

The purpose of these policies is to ensure equitable, appropriate usage of WCU facilities, and to protect individuals and university assets.

  • 25Live User Training
    • Assistance with 25Live is provided through Software Training sessions offered during the fall and spring semesters.

Event Planning

  • Faculty and Staff may reserve campus and academic facilities for WCU-related and/or sponsored events via
  • If the event planned is not University related please contact the Office of Conference Services for reservations at 610-436-6931.
  • If the facility is not listed in 25Live, then the requester should contact the respective Scheduler for that space.
  • Due to the high volume of requests, processing time for academic space requests during the beginning and end of semesters may be delayed.
  • Requests to use University facilities should be made at least three (3) weeks prior to the event.
  • Confirmed events requiring additional support services, the requester must make arrangements at least two (2) weeks prior to the event with the appropriate support services department.
  • Time should be included in the tentative reservation to allow for setting up before and cleaning up after the event.
  • Rain dates and/or rain locations may be requested when the original event request is submitted to anticipate possible inclement weather.
  • Campus Map
    • Please reference the campus map for locating spaces on North and South campus.


  • Making a Reservation
    • Once the reservation request has been entered into 25Live, the requester may not directly modify the reservation information.
    • The reservation status is TENTATIVE until confirmed.
    • Reservation requests are reviewed within 2 business days. Events should not be advertised nor may they be considered scheduled until a confirmed reservation notification is received from the approver.
    • The university reserves the right to reassign space and/or cancel events to best accommodate the university community.
  • Editing a Reservation
    • CONFIRMED Requests: If modifications need to be made, please reply to your confirmation email with changes.
    • TENTATIVE Requests: The requester should contact the approver of the space. Please include the event name, event reference number, and any modifications needed.
    • Depending on the requested change, some event requests may need to be re-reviewed or if already confirmed, possibly resubmitted through 25Live.
  • Canceling a Reservation
    • CONFIRMED Requests: If cancellations need to be made, please reply to your confirmation email with CANCEL in the subject line.
    • TENTATIVE Requests: then the requester should contact the approver of the space. Please include the event name, event reference number.
    • Canceling an event does not automatically cancel any requests made for additional services for an event. Requesters should follow up with any service providers to cancel requested services for an event.
    • Outdoor events may be cancelled due to inclement weather. Rain dates and/or rain locations may be scheduled simultaneously to anticipate this eventuality.
    • Indoor events may be cancelled due to untimeliness of the request, lack of sufficient support staff to provide adequate coverage for all scheduled events, space/time conflicts, etc.
    • Space Approvers may work with organizations/groups of cancelled events to attempt to relocate or reschedule rather than cancel whenever possible.

Setup and Cleanup

  • It is preferred that academic spaces are used "As-Is" no added resources (i.e., table, chairs, etc.). Neither assistance nor additional resources for changes in space layout or set-up is provided.
  • If additional resources are needed for an event the office/department utilizing space is responsible for making proper and timely arrangements for setting-up and tearing-down chairs, tables, risers, CLEANUP, etc., with the appropriate support services departments which typically provide these services.
  • Time should be included in the tentative reservation to allow for setup and cleanup.
  • If overtime of University support personnel is required, the organization/group needing the service may be liable for the expenses incurred to provide the service. For more information see the "Fees" section below.
  • Academic spaces must be restored to classroom readiness after their use of non-course related events. This includes removal of papers, flyers and/or decorations related to the event and all equipment turned off. Failure to return original order to the space will result in loss of privilege to book the space for future events.


  • Training on classroom audio visual equipment use is required. Please contact the Help Desk (610-436-3350) at least two weeks prior to your class or event to submit a request for a training session.

Food & Beverages

  • NO food or beverage is permitted in the following spaces/areas:
    • Emilie K. Asplundh Concert Hall (PHL-114)
    • E.O. Bull Center Main Stage (EOB-068)
    • Main Hall Auditorium (MNH-168)
    • Merion Lecture Hall (MER-112)
    • Merion Lecture Hall (MER-113)
    • Performing Arts Center Theatre (PAC-140)
    • Schmucker Auditorium (SSL-151)
    • Swope Music Building

Alcohol, Smoking and Safety

  • Alcohol
    • Alcoholic beverages are generally not permitted in or on WCU Facilities. For more information, please refer to the WCU Alcohol and Drugs Policy.
    • Special permission for the serving of alcoholic beverages must be endorsed by the appropriate Vice President and approved by the WCU President prior to the event.
  • Smoking
    • All WCU facilities are non-smoking.
    • Contact the Facility Administrator for information regarding the designated smoking areas for specific buildings.
  • Safety
    • Legal occupancy figures for every classroom, lecture hall, and meeting space have been determined and distributed by the Fire Marshal.
    • Special decorations must be approved by the Fire Marshal.
    • Open flames are not permitted in any facility.


  • Fees may be charged per Section III of the Facility Use Policy .
  • If the support service department requires personnel overtime to facilitate the event, the requester may be liable for this expense.
    • The Facilities Division has the right to assign sufficient overtime support to ensure that the event is properly set and cleaned up.
    • Public Safety has the right to assign sufficient staff to provide adequate support for scheduled events.

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