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While it is impossible to predict particular circumstances that might affect normal university operations — whether related to illness, weather, or other factors — there are a number of steps, ranging from extremely simple to more complex, that staff can take to prepare themselves for possible interruptions.

This checklist is meant to address issues that may arise in the event of university closure or widespread absences. You may also want to consider how these suggestions could be adapted for single absences (such as one staff’s prolonged absence due to illness or your absence for a conference).

Preparation Checklist

Establish a mode of communication to use in case of an emergency

  • Ensure staff have access to and are aware of this communication method (e.g. email)
  • Use Cisco Jabber which allows you to use your computer or a mobile device to place and receive calls as well as instant message using your West Chester University issued phone number.
    *Jabber is included in our new phone system currently being implemented throughout the University.  If you have not received a new phone you will not be able to use Jabber.

Decide how you will distribute documents during a disruption

  • Store critical files in common locations so that all staff can access them from anywhere
  • Consider creating a Microsoft Teams or SharePoint site so that your staff can collaborate on ideas and documents

MicrosoftTeamsLogoMicrosoft Teams (Faculty/Staff Use Only)


Think about how you would continue university operations in the event of a disruption

  • Create meeting invitations that contain Zoom information

Securely access critical business applications

  • Connect to specific applications that may not be on your desktop or laptop using RamCloud

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