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RamCloud is a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that allows West Chester University students, faculty, and staff, to access certain WCU licensed software applications, from any device (Mac, PC, or mobile) anywhere, at any time. Some classes require applications that are not available or feasible to load onto every student computer due to licensing fees or compatibility issues. RamCloud provides students the ability to complete assignments and research that requires specialized software from their personal devices, on or off campus, while allowing West Chester University Information Services & Technology to maintain security over that software.

In addition to applications, custom desktops can be created for specific classes for access through RamCloud which gives instructors and students access to documents, applications and resources through a fully managed, secure desktop operating system, simplifying the shared learning environment.

A critical component of IS&T’s Continuity of Operations Plan, RamCloud is the perfect solution to minimize business disruptions due to weather, power outages, or virus outbreaks. RamCloud virtual apps and desktops enables seamless workforce productivity, giving employees and students the flexibility to work, teach and learn from anywhere, all while keeping apps and information secure.

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CloudStep One

Download and Install Citrix Workspace App (Receiver)

Have you already installed the Citrix Workspace App (Receiver)? Skip to step two! If Citrix is installed and you've registered with CloudStorage skip right to Step Three and start working in your apps.


Go to https://www.citrix.com/products/receiver.html 

It should auto-detect your Operating System (Windows or Mac) 

Windows – Run the .exe file that downloads 

Follow the prompts.  Accept the license agreement.  You do not need to Add Account on the final screen.


Do NOT "Add Account" if you see this screen.



Go to https://www.citrix.com/products/receiver.html to download the Citrix Workspace app. (Allow downloads on "www.citrix.com")

Follow the prompts. Accept the license agreement.

Click install.

Move "Citrix Workspace" Installer to the Trash.


IPhone or IPAD

To view a list of supported iOS versions, see  Citrix Workspace app for iOS .

To install and configure Citrix Workspace app on your iOS device: 

  1. Search the Apple App Store for "Citrix Workspace" to find the appropriate app, and then install it.
  2. Once the app is installed, tap Workspace to launch it
  3. On the screen, tap Get Started
  4. On the "Welcome" screen, enter "RamCloud.wcupa.edu" for the Store URL and then tap Continue
  5. Enter your WCU username and password


To install and configure Citrix Workspace app on your Android device: 

  1. Search the Google Play store for "Citrix Workspace" to find the appropriate app, and then install it.
  2. Once the app is installed, tap Workspace to launch it
  3. On the screen, tap Get Started
  4. Enter the store URL:  ramcloud.wcupa.edu and then tap Continue
  5. Enter your WCU username and password


1. Search the Web Store for the "Citrix Workspace" app and add it to Chrome.

2. One the app is installed, launch the app.

3. On the "Connect" screen, type in the Account URL: https://ramcloud.wcupa.edu. (Note: you must include https:// when connecting to Citrix Workspace on a Chromebook)

4. Log into RamCloud with your WCU username and password.

Proceed to Step Two and Step Three.


CloudStep Two

Link your OneDrive to RamCloud (cloudstorage.wcupa.edu)

This step is a one-time step and does not need to be repeated per device.

Login and register with Cloudstorage.wcupa.edu to link your OneDrive to RamCloud

Log in Kumo
Log in Kumo

Click the drop down menu beside OneDrive for Business.

Drop Down KUMO
Drop Down KUMO

Click "Authorize"

KUMO Authorize
KUMO Authorize

The green check mark indicates you have successfully linked your OneDrive to RamCloud

KUMO Green Check Mark
KUMO Green Check Mark

CloudStep Three

Log into RamCloud. Click Apps, and launch your application.

After Installing Citrix Workspace App, Log into RamCloud with your WCU credentials

Log in RamCloud


Go to Apps, to choose your application.

Got to Apps

If you see this screen

If you see this screen, choose "Detect Receiver"

RamCloud Detect Receiver
RamCloud Detect Receiver

If you see this screen, check "Always allow" and then open Citrix Workspace Launcher


If you see this screen, choose "already installed"

Already Installed 2
Already Installed 2


If you see this screen, confirm Citrix Workspace Launcher, check "remember my choice for receiver links" and click "open link"

Congratulations! Your setup is complete and you are now ready to log into RamCloud and start working in your apps.

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