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Submitting Tickets

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Submitting Tickets

Reporting Issues

If you need to report an issue (create an incident for something that is broken) click on “Report an issue”

Submitting Tickets

Next, click on “Something is Broken”.

Something is Broken


A form will appear that you will need to complete.


  1. Since you are already logged in, your name will appear as the “Caller” automatically.
  2. Enter a phone number (the best one to reach you)
  3. Enter a Short description. Think of this as the same as the subject of an email – something that is short and describes the issue in a few words.
  4. Enter the full description of the issue. Think of this as the same as the body of an email – something that is very descriptive in multiple sentences that includes as many details as possible for the issue.
  5. Once you are finished entering the information, click the Submit button to submit the ticket.

Example of Submitted Incident

Here is an example of an Incident once it is submitted.

example incident  

Add attachements to your Incident

  1. If you need to add attachments to your Incident, click the paper clip icon on the top right navigation bar.

Incident Attachments

2. The Attachments window will appear. Click “Choose file” to navigate to your computer to select a file

Choose File

3. Navigate to the location of your file and click “Open” or simply double click on your file to begin the upload process.

Choose File

4. The file will appear listed. If you need to add another file, simply repeat the process. When you have finished adding files, click the “X” on the right of the window and the attachment will be added to the Incident

Attachment Preview

  1. The file will appear near the top of the incident as “Manage Attachments”:

Manage Attachments

Note: If you choose a file that has no content, a message will appear stating “Attachment is empty”. You will need to repeat the process to choose the correct file


Removing a File

If you need to remove the file:

  1. Check the box to the left of the file name you would like to remove.
  2. Click the “Remove” button on the bottom right of the window.

Removing File

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