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What happens to my incidents and requests that were previously submitted to the Help Desk/ResNet?

Previous incidents and requests are not lost and progress will continue on those items. There may be some overlap in the use of the older ITSM systems and ServiceNow but that will not disrupt progress on the incidents and requests.

Now that ServiceNow is in place, will I still be able to call the Help Desk?

Yes, you can still reach an IS&T representative by calling 610-436-3350, and you will now have the added convenience to submit a request or incident through ServiceNow.  ServiceNow is available 24 hours /day and allows you to monitor the progress and status of requests and incidents.

Will I continue to receive emails related to my incidents and requests?

Yes, the emails will appear a little differently with a WCU Service Now logo, details of the request/incident, and a link contained in a blue box that will take you directly to the request/incident in Service now once you are logged into ServiceNow. You can also log into ServiceNow to check on progress.


Email Example

Can I still email the Faculty/Staff Help Desk and ResNet directly?

Yes, the Help Desk and ResNet email accounts will be monitored through the end of the spring 2020. After May 22nd, ServiceNow will be the primary communication tool, and the mailboxes for Faculty/Staff Help Desk and ResNet will no longer be active.

Urgent matters and emergencies can still be reported by calling the Help Desk at 610-436-3350.

If I call the Help Desk or ResNet will I be able to leave a voicemail?

Yes, you will continue to have the ability to leave voicemail messages.

What if I am unsure of how to use ServiceNow or how to locate something I need to request using ServiceNow?

Guides are available on the side navigation of this site.  You can also speak to an IS&T representative by calling 610-436-3350. They will be happy to assist you.

Can I still use the order forms on SharePoint to make purchase requests, order parts, and order software?

No. The SharePoint forms will be discontinued but you will be able to log into ServiceNow and make these requests by accessing the Service Catalog and choosing the appropriate selection to complete the orders.

Should I continue to fill out the “Submit a Question” form on the IS&T Help Desk page when I need to make a request?

Users with WCU accounts should log into ServiceNow so requests will be made under their name/account. While the “Submit a Question” form is still available, it will be more useful for parents, prospective students, and alumni who do not have an active WCU account to log into ServiceNow.

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