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Making Requests

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Making Requests

Ordering Equipment

To purchase new equipment, phones or accessories, first login to ServiceNow and navigate to the Service Catalog.

  1. Select Service Catalog
  2. Select Order New Equipment

Order New Equipment

3. You will now see a list of supported equipment available for purchase through IS&T. Select your desired equipment, or if the device you need is not listed, select “Other Equipment”.

Equipment Options

4. Complete the form for the item you’ve selected, enter the user the equipment is being requested for as well as installation location and telephone number to be contacted.

5. Enter the department cost and cost center Manager, these funds will be used to purchase the equipment. You can also add additional cost center and add additional comments to your request.

6. Once the form details are filled, review your quantity and add the item to your cart.


Equipment Details  

7. After you’ve added an item to the shopping cart you have the option to select continue shopping to order additional equipment.

8. Remember to add each additional item to your shopping cart and selecting the quantity before proceeding to checkout.

9. If you would like to review or remove items within your shopping cart, you can select edit cart.

10. Once you are ready to order select proceed to checkout.

Equipment Checkout

11. The Shopping Cart will allow a final review of your request. You can select the dropdown arrow for detail information on the item.

12. Once you confirm the items within the shopping cart, click Checkout to proceed with purchase.

Equipment Cart  

13. After submitting an order, you can review the order status within the Requested Items tab.

14. The device stages will provide a status update as to when your new device will be installed, you can check hear to view your pending device installations.

Equipment Status  
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