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WCU Scholarship Criteria

West Chester University institutional aid including the Golden Ram Award and Academic Excellence Scholarship are based on students continued full-time enrollment and good academic standing. Good academic standing is defined by a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater as well as the completion of 24 credits per academic year. Please also keep in mind that students receiving the Golden Ram Award are also required to complete a FAFSA by February 1st each year as well as the verification process by June 1st, if they are selected. Changes in the FAFSA or financial aid award, that impact eligibility, could also result in the repackaging of the Golden Ram Award as this is a need-based fund.


Military and Veterans Scholarship Information

PA State System Foundation Scholarship Information

Through various scholarship programs, the PA State System (formerly PASSHE) Foundation supports all 14 PA State System Universities by providing scholarships to their students. To learn more scholarship opportunities that may be available to West Chester University students, please visit the PA State System Foundation Scholarship page.

Outside Scholarships

Learn more about Reporting Outside Scholarships to WCU .

West Chester University receives and publicizes information from various businesses, foundations, and civic organizations about scholarships they offer to students. A list of outside scholarship opportunities organized by deadline can be found below.

The University is not affiliated with these groups and does not endorse their products or services and therefore disclaims any responsibility or liability for the information provided. The scholarship links are active at the time the information was received. If you find a link not working, please try to search by the name of the scholarship and also alert us at

Graduate Scholarships

Rolling Deadline

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Additional Scholarship Resources

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