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Special Education

The Department of Special Education offers teacher preparation (grades PreK-12) programs at the undergraduate and post-baccalaureate course levels, with degrees conferred at the undergraduate (BSEd) and graduate (MEd) levels. We also provide opportunities for advanced study in special education including Universal Design for Learning, assistive technology, and autism education.

As a candidate in a WCU special education program, you will have many opportunities for engagement with learners with exceptionalities. We offer a variety of field experience courses, student clubs/organizations, and community engagement options. You will have experiences working in local PreK-12 special education settings in rural, urban, and suburban educational settings with some additional opportunities abroad.

Mission Statement

We, the faculty of the Special Education Program are committed to supporting the development of teachers who acquire the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to construct effective, high quality educational programs for all children and their families. Our mission is to foster knowledgeable, passionate, competent, and reflective program graduates who will serve as eloquent and articulate advocates for all children, families, and their profession.

Program Outcomes & Standards

Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate Candidates

The Special Education Program prepares its undergraduate and post baccalaureate candidates to meet the unit outcomes and standards of the following:

Master Degree Candidates

The Special Education Program prepares its master degree candidates to meet the unit outcomes and standards of the following:

  • Assessment and Accreditation
  • The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) which includes advanced knowledge and skills based standards under the following domains: Foundations, Characteristics of Learners, Individual Differences, Instructional Strategies, Learning Environments and Social Interactions, Language, Instructional Strategies, Assessment, Ethics and Professional Practice and Collaboration.



Contact Information

Graduate Program Coordinators
Dr. Tara Guerriero
Dr. Mary Houser
Email Graduate Special Education

Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Faculty Advisors
Dr. Beatrice Adera
Dr. Claire Verden

Best Buddies Faculty Advisor
Dr. Kim Doan




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