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College of Education & Social Work


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College of Education & Social Work

302 Recitation
West Chester, PA 19383

General Information: 610-436-2321

Candidate Services: 610-436-2999
Certification Information: 610-436-2321
Clearances: 610-436-2999
Clinical Experiences: 610-436-3090
Deans Office: 610-436-2321
Professional Testing Center: 610-436-2413



Teacher Education Scholarships

The application period for the 2018-2019 Teacher Education academic scholarships is now CLOSED.  Stay tuned for the 2019-2020 opportunities in late Fall 2019.  

The College of Education and Social Work offers more than 30 Teacher Education scholarships each year valued at $750 to $2,000 each with a total value of more than $40,000. These scholarships are awarded to teacher candidates on various criteria usually reflecting the values and purposes of the donor or the founder of the award. Some scholarships are one-time awards while others may be renewable.

All students who wish to be considered for college scholarships are strongly encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Some of the college scholarships are based on financial need and only students with documented financial need will be considered for those scholarships. The 2019-2020 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is available now.
Please review the listing of the Teacher Education scholarships here to review the scholarship requirements.
To be considered for any Teacher Education scholarships, you must complete the online application. The application period for the 2018-2019 Teacher Education academic scholarships is now CLOSED.

Please consult the Financial Aid Scholarships page for additional information.

Undergraduate Social Work scholarships

DeBaptiste Scholarship: The Undergraduate Social Work program has an endowed scholarship for social work majors. Announcements for eligibility are distributed each year by the chair of the scholarship committee and criteria include excellence in academic achievement, demonstrated community leadership initiative, demonstrated commitment to bi-cultural and bi-lingual social work practice, and assignment to practical working with at-risk, culturally diverse populations. Initially, the DeBaptiste Scholarship will provide assistance for the purchase of books and travel to and from practicum sites. Funds per student may be limited to approximately $500 each.

For more information please contact 

Dr. Michele Belliveau


Travel Grants: The Undergraduate Social Work program offers travel grants to students who are in their field practicum.  The award of the grant is between $50-$250.

For more information please contact 

Janet Bradley MSS, MLSP


The above scholarships are offered on both campuses to undergraduate social work students.

Counselor education Scholarship

Name: Hamel, Cheryl Counseling Scholarship
Description: Will support a full or part-time graduate student pursing a Master's Degree in School Counseling with a GPA of 3.5+. College of Education Scholarship Deadlines: Oct. 1 - Dec. 18 each year for the following fall semester.
Application Process: All applicants must submit the scholarship application using the link below. Please include a current transcript, 1 letter of recommendation (faculty/optional field based supervising counselor), and personal statement. Contact the Department of Counseling Education, 610-436-2559, with any questions.
Application: Thank you for your interest in the College of Education's scholarship application. We are no longer accepting applications at this time. If you have any questions, please contact Linda Ryan at 610-430-4172.
Amount: $1,500
College/Division: College of Education
Department: Education
Class Year: Graduate
Minimum GPA: 3.50
Other: Must have completed 9 credits towards degree.












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