Commit to Being a Golden Ram

Start your college journey at West Chester University!  Log in to the Admissions Portal to pay the $200 enrollment deposit.

WHEN: After you've been accepted and you decide to attend WCU (congrats!).

HOW: Submit your Enrollment Deposit in Your Admissions Portal


Set up your West Chester University account ( 

Your West Chester University Account is your access to student portals such as myWCU/RamPortal, D2L, Webmail and more! 

WHEN & HOW: Additional information is forthcoming.


File your FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the form you need to fill out to get any financial aid from the federal government to help pay for college.  The FAFSA also helps West Chester University's Department of Financial Aid determine how much additional financial aid students may receive.

WHEN: FAFSA opens December 2023 for the 2024-25 academic Year.  Priority deadline is February 1, 2024. The FAFSA will still be accepted after February 1st, but you may not be considered for all need-based programs.

HOW: Complete your FAFSA at using WCU’s federal school code: 003328

SPRING 2024:


Apply for Housing

Did you know 90% of first year students live on campus?  West Chester offers two options for on-campus living: WCU Managed Housing (traditional) and USH Affiliated Housing.  Explore the housing options at WCU

WHEN:  The 2024-25 Housing Application for First Year Students will open in early March 2024.

HOW:  Additional information will be forthcoming


Visit Campus

There's lots to learn about West Chester University and coming to campus is one of the best ways to do so!  WCU offers several ways to explore and connect on campus:


Upload a photo for your Ram Card

Your Ram Card (student ID card) provides you access to your residential building, library, printing, campus events, paying for meals from your meal plan, and more.   Learn more about Ram Card

HOW: Upload your photo to Ram Card


Apply for Scholarships

West Chester University offers scholarships based on academic pursuits, research activities, artistic and athletic talents, as well as to community service, financial need, and leadership.

WHEN:  Scholarship Applications will open in spring 2024. Many scholarships have an application deadline of May 1, 2024 including the general scholarship application, however, some scholarship applications are open throughout the spring and summer.

HOW:  Search and Apply for Scholarships


Complete the First-Year Placement Assessment

Classes for first-year students are scheduled by WCU faculty/staff for the first semester.   The First-Year Placement Assessment/Portal includes surveys and questions which help us to determine the best classes for you. The sooner you successfully complete of the First-Year Placement Assessment, the sooner you will receive your class schedule.  Learn more about First Year Class Scheduling

WHEN: MAY 2024

HOW: Specific dates and details are forthcoming.


Register for Orientation

Ten student orientation days will be offered in June and July (you will attend one).  At orientation, you will meet fellow Golden Rams, review your class schedule with academic advisors, learn about resources and support services, and explore your new campus.   

Learn more about New Student Orientation

WHEN:  Registration will open in spring 2024. Additional information is forthcoming.

SUMMER 2024:


Complete the Housing Checklist

Living on campus?  If so, you must complete the Housing Checklist including:

  • Roommate matching (select a roommate, search for a roommate, or enter our roommate matching program) 
  • Housing eligibility Form 
  • Meningitis Waiver Form
  • Selecting a move-in timeslot and more!

HOW:  Visit the Housing Checklist


Receive your class schedule

Based on your First Year Placement Assessment, WCU faculty/staff create your first semester class schedule..

WHEN:  Class schedules will be released beginning June 2024 and continue to be released throughout the summer.  The sooner you successfully complete of the First-Year Placement Assessment, the sooner you will receive your class schedule.  

HOW: Additional details and information are forthcoming.



Explore On Campus Meal Plans

With 18 dining locations on campus, meal plans are the convenient way to eat and snack on campus. 

First year students living on campus are required to select the Ultimate, Purple, or Gold meal plan.  

View meal plan options: WCU Dining Services.  

WHEN: Meal plan selection opens in early spring.  If you are living on campus and do not select a meal plan by August 1, 2024, the Gold Meal Plan will automatically be selected for you.

HOW: Additional details and information are forthcoming.


Complete New Ram Essentials

New Ram Essentials is an online introduction to West Chester University student life, need-to-know information, and tools to help make your time at college successful.  

WHEN: Summer 2024.  Complete New Ram Essentials online before your scheduled orientation day.

HOW: Additional details and information are forthcoming.


Attend Orientation

WCU's on-campus orientation is one full day packed with info and fun!  Meet fellow Golden Rams, review your class schedule with academic advisors, learn about resources and support services, and explore your new campus.  Learn more about New Student Orientation

WHEN:  Thursday, June 20 through Friday, July 12. Orientation days are organized by college/major.

Additional information is forthcoming.


Select a move-in timeslot

First year students and transfer students move in on August 21 and August 22, 2024.  Move-in dates and times are based on your residence hall.

WHEN:  WCU-Managed and USH Affiliated move-in timeslot selection open summer 2024.

Specific dates and details are forthcoming.


Submit your final high school transcript

Your final, official high school transcript should be sent directly to the Office of Admissions from your high school guidance office and must include full credit for senior year classes, a graduation date, and an official signature.  

If you have completed college course(s) while in high school, you must also send an official college transcript to the Office of Admissions if you wish to have the course(s) evaluated for credit.

WHEN: Transcripts must be received before the start of the fall semester 2024 to avoid future holds on your WCU account. 

HOW: Transcripts should be sent from your high school electronically (via or via Naviance) or via mail (Office of Admissions mailing address here).


Pay your fall semester tuition bill

Tuition rates are set mid to late July.  Students receive an email notification when new charges for the semester are posted to their account.  

Additional details and information are forthcoming.


Provide Student Health Information

All entering students should provide information about immunity to certain communicable diseases. A physical examination is not a general university requirement. If a physical exam is required for a sport or specific class, your coach or professor will let you know.  There are six forms to complete in the Student Health Services Portal:

  • Health History Form
  • Immunization Entry Form
  • Insurance Information
  • Notice of Privacy Practices
  • TB Screening
  • Treatment Agreement

The meningitis vaccination or signed vaccination waiver is required for students residing on campus.  

WHEN:  Summer 2024. Additional details and information are forthcoming.


Move-in to your new home at WCU

Welcome to your new home! Living on campus means your steps away from classes, the dining hall, the library, and campus events.  

WHEN:  First year students and transfer students will move in at the end of August 2024.  Specific move-in dates  to be announced in 2024.


Connect to Wifi (RamNet)

Wifi (RamNet) is included for all WCU students.  All buildings (including residence halls) and most outdoor locations on campus have dense wireless coverage. 

WHEN: While on campus

HOW:  How to connect to on campus wifi (RamNet)


Attend Welcome Week

Welcome Week includes events and activities that will help you get connected, feel supported as you navigate college, and prepare for successful years at West Chester.  A selection of Welcome Week events are mandatory for first-year students.   Learn more about Welcome Week

WHEN: August 2024.  Specific dates and details are forthcoming.


It’s here!  The first day of class!

WHEN: Monday, August 26, 2024

You're officially on your way as a West Chester University student!  Don't forget there are hundreds of resources and supports on campus to help you be successful inside and outside the classroom.  Helpful links for you: