Housing Checklist
for new residents

After you have completed the housing application, there are several tasks to complete:

1Complete the On Campus Living Prerequisite Form

The On Campus Living Prerequisite Form includes the Housing Eligibility Questionnaire (a state-mandated criminal conduct and disciplinary history screening) and the Meningitis Waiver questions.

Completion of the The On Campus Living Prerequisite Form is required for every new resident of WCU Managed Housing and USH Affiliated Housing.  Failure to complete the form may result in the inability to select a move-in timeslot and move-in to the residence halls.

To access the On Campus Living Prerequisite Form:

  • Log in to RamPortal
  • Select the myWCU tile
  • Select the Personal Info Tile
  • Scroll down the margin on the left and select “MyHousing”
  • Click on “Go to myHousing”
  • Click on "Applications and Forms"
  • Click and complete the "On Campus Living Prerequisite Form”

On Campus Living Prerequisite Form - Video

Students living on campus

2 Roommate Matching

You may choose your roommate(s), search for a roommate, or enter our roommate matching program. Roommate matching/selection is recommended, but not required.  If you do not match/select a roommate(s), a roommate(s) will be assigned to you.

WCU Managed Housing roommate selection opened April 3, 2024, and will close June 17, 2024. Students interested in requesting a preferred roommate or searching for a roommate should follow these steps:

  • To access the WCU Managed Roommate Matching Page between April 3 and June 17:
    • Log in to RamPortal
    • Select the MyWCU tile
    • Select the "Personal Info" tile OR the "MyHousing" tile
    • Click on "MyHousing" → "Go to MyHousing"
    • Click on Housing Information
    • Click on Select Roommates
    • Change the Term to Fall 2024

Selecting a Roommate - Video

USH Affiliated Housing roommate selection will open in early May 2024.

3 Select a Meal Plan

WCU Managed and USH Affiliated on-campus residents are required to have a Meal Plan (Ultimate, Gold or Purple). Meal Plans are not required for residents living in on-campus apartments.

View meal plan options: WCU Dining Services

Meal plan selection will begin on May 22, 2024

Meal Plan Selection - Video

dining on campus
Move in packets

4 Select/Receive your Housing Assignment

For WCU Managed Housing, you will be assigned a residence hall.  WCU Managed Housing Assignments will be sent at the end of June.

For USH Affiliated Housing, you will select a residence hall.

5 Select a move-in timeslot

Move-in timeslots will open in mid-July 2024.

Additional information is forthcoming.

Student with parent
Studnet moving into dorm

6 Pack and prepare for move-in day

Learn what to bring, details about what’s included in your room, floor plans, and more.

WCU Managed Housing

USH Affiliated Housing

7 Move-in Day

It’s time to move into your new home!

First-Year students and transfer students move-in August 21 and August 22, 2024.

Returning students and students living in on-campus apartments move-in August 24 and August 25, 2024.

Move-in dates and times are based on your residence hall.

Additional information is forthcoming.

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