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Omni User Guide

End-User Introduction

OU Campus™ provides users an easy way to manage web pages. With the ability to login directly from the institution’s website, it is easy to navigate to the page to be edited. Once logged in, users can simply click on the area to edit, and they are placed in a user-friendly What-You-See-Is-WhatYou-Get (WYSIWYG) Editor, also referred to as JustEdit. The system allows an approval process to be put into place, which results in users either having the ability to publish pages once they have finished editing them, or they can send the completed pages to other users as defined by the workflow to gain approval prior to publication. The system has a built-in intelligence that allows the workflow process to be defined prior to page creation. Users do not have to understand which pages need approval prior to publication because the system tells them. Pages are checked out to only one user at a time to prevent users from overwriting each other’s work, but as the pages move through the workflow system, the system automatically changes to whom the page is checked out based on its placement in the workflow system. In addition, users can only access content to which they have permissions to edit. When creating new pages, preconfigured templates are made available to provide consistency in web page design. Users may also have the ability to upload new images, add words to the OU Campus dictionary, access full page source, and much more.

OU Campus Support

Online support is available through the OmniUpdate Support site.
The Support site, which is accessible by everyone in its entirety, includes user support on all the features in OU Campus, as well as video and text tutorials, archived Training Tuesdays, which are the free monthly webinars offered the last Tuesday of every month unless otherwise announced at 11:00 AM PST, and access to the Permissions Chart.

The Support site can be accessed through the Help link in the upper, right-hand corner of OU Campus. Additionally, support can be gained using the contextual help links found within OU Campus. Throughout the site the in-context help links are available and are specific to the area or task at hand. These links open the relevant page at the Support site.

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Finally, contextual help may also be found within the CMS as instructions relating to particular fields.The Support site is available to everyone. Users are encouraged to visit and search the Support site. The institution’s administrators are also available if the answer cannot be found on the Support site or further explanation and clarification is needed. Administrators may contact the OmniUpdate Support Team.

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