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New Faculty Orientation

Virtual Binder

Contact New Faculty Orientation  

New Faculty Orientation

309B Recitation Hall
West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383

Email: Tara Guerriero
Phone: 610-436-0041

Virtual Binder


  1. Survival Checklist
  2. WCU Website Links
  3. List of Deans and Chairpersons
  4. Presentation PowerPoints for NFO Orientation 2018
  5. University Libraries New Faculty Checklist

A. University Policies and Procedures

  1. ADA Classroom Accommodations Appeals Procedure
  2. Prolonged Student Absences and Missed Class Notifications
  4. Statement of Professional Ethics
  5. Mission Statement
  6. Policy on Disruptive Classroom Behavior
  7. FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)
  8. Student Health Services
  9. CAPC

B. Our Students

  1. Admission Highlights: Fall 2017
  2. Who Are Our Students?

C. Teaching and Advising Responsibilities

  1. LARC (Learning Assistance and Resource Center)
  2. WCU Writing Center
  3. Goals of the WCU General Education Program ; New General Education Program Goals
  4. Teaching Tips and Class Management
  5. TLAC Overview: Want to Know More?
  6. TLAC: Resources for Effective Teaching
  7. Capitalizing on Career Development; Career Development Center Information
  8. Distance Education Course Approval
  9. Distance Education Resources One; Distance Education Resources Two

D. Evaluation

  1. Top Ten Things That Must Be Done During Your First Year
  2. SRIS
  3. Provost Forms and Policies (*Please review carefully!)

E. Research

  1. Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
  2. ORSP INFO NFO 2018
  3. Funding Examples

F. Faculty Resource Fair Materials

  1. Center for International Programs Brochure; CIP Staff Sheet
  2. Educating for Sustainability
  3. Faculty Guide to Career Development
  4. Office of Service Learning and Volunteer Programs
  5. Office of Research and Sponsored Programs Information Sheet
  6. Resource Fair Participants
  7. WCU Resource Pantry

Note: All documents contained in this Virtual Binder are .pdf files.

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