Registration: Parent Portal

Students can use the Parent Portal to share pieces of their WCU record with parents and others. Permission to view student information is fully controlled by the student. The student is the only person who can grant others access to view their information. Students have full discretion over what pieces of information they make available to others, and have the ability to remove access at any time.

Through the Parent Portal, students currently have access to choose which of the following pieces of information are shared with others:

  • Course History (includes grades)
  • Student Grades: end of term grades
  • View addresses
  • View Class Schedule

Students wishing to share their information with others can elect to do so through myWCU. Students can access directions on how to delegate access by visiting our tutorial

Students have full control in electing who gets access and what type of access that user is given.  Those who are given access to information need to set their account up.  Click here to learn more.  

Forget your password, or need to have it reset? Click Here!

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