Seeking a bachelor's degree and want to become an athletic trainer? 3+2 Accelerated Masters of Athletic Training

The 3+2 accelerated program is designed for incoming first-year students (or transfers who meet degree matriculation requirements) who are interested in an accelerated path toward the advanced degree. In this option, students complete 3 years of undergraduate coursework in the B.S. in Health Science: Sports Medicine Studies program followed by two years of coursework culminating in the M.S. in Athletic Training. Beginning the summer at the end of their third year, students will begin the "professional phase" of the M.S. program. At the conclusion of the summer of their third year, students will receive a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Health Science: Sports Medicine Studies. Following completion of the 5th year, students will receive a Master of Science in Athletic Training degree.

Candidates who wish to be admitted to the3+2 accelerated master's program will be considered according to the entry guidelines that have been set forth below. Students who meet admissions criteria for the program will adhere to the application deadlines defined by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

All requests for transfer/change of major into the 3+2 Accelerated BS-MS in Athletic Training, are handled on a case by case basis. The number of students accepted in this manner depends upon the number of openings available in that year. This selection process is competitive. Successful completion of prerequisite coursework does not guarantee acceptance. To be considered as a change of major/transfer please contact

    1. Apply to West Chester University undergraduate admissions:

    • SAT of 1140 (math and verbal) or ACT equivalent of 23 is expected
    • International students should successfully complete the TOEFL
  1. Progression in to the M.S. in Athletic Training program:

    A graduate application and notification of intent to progress in to the M.S. in Athletic Training program must be completed by the announced deadline in the spring semester of the second year.

    Student must achieve a grade of C or better in all undergraduate major and related required courses. Students must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA to progress into the M.S. in Athletic Training program. (If applicable, transfer course grades will be calculated in to determine GPA).

    Interview: an interview with department faculty may be required.

Want to become an athletic trainer but have a Bachelor's degree in something other than Athletic Training? Master's of Science in Athletic Training (Professional Concentration)

Candidates for the professional master's program will be considered for enrollment on a rolling basis for a summer entry start. While we have a rolling admission date, early action decisions will occur for all applications received by December 1st.  All completed applications by December 1st will receive priority consideration by the program.  After the December 1st deadline,we will continue accepting applications until our cohort is full. 

Applicants to the program use the Athletic Training Centralized Application Service (ATCAS). You DO NOT complete the West Chester University graduate school application.

Admission Requirements:

    1. Bachelor's degree in any discipline
    2. Transcript verification that the following prerequisite coursework has been completed at the college level with a grade of 2.0 or higher:
      • Human Anatomy (3-4 credits with lab. When anatomy and physiology are taken as a combined course, two semesters are necessary to meet this requirement)
      • Human Physiology (3-4 credits with lab. When anatomy and physiology are taken as a combined course, two semesters are necessary to meet this requirement)
      • Chemistry (3-4 credits)
      • Physics (3-4 credits)
      • Statistics (3-4 credits). One course to include descriptive statistics, correlation, and introduction to inferential statistics or research design
      • Exercise Physiology (3-4 credits)
      • Kinesiology or Biomechanics
      • Biology
      • Psychology
    3. CPR certification
    4. TOEFL scores (international students only).

To Apply Follow these steps:

Atcas Logo

  1. Create an account in ATCAS and follow the directions to complete the application.
  2. Submit transcript verification of complete of a bachelor's degree and completion of prerequisite courese to ATCAS using the transcript request form. If you have not completed your bachelor's degree or all prerequisite courses at the time you apply, you will be able to submit final verification later. Transcripts should be mailed to: ATCAS P.O. Box 9132 Watertown, MA 02471
  3. Two letters of recommendation are required. You can request letters via the ATCAS system.
  4. Complete the personal statement using the prompt on the ATCAS application.

Note: Prerequisite coursework can still be in progress at the time of one applies. However, all prerequisites must be completed at the start of the program. If you have questions about whether a course fulfills one of the above requirements, please contact

Already an athletic trainer but looking for a graduate degree program? Master's of Science in Athletic Training (Post-Professional Concentration)

To be accepted as a fully matriculated student into the master’s program, an applicant needs to meet the requirements for WCU graduate study. Specifically, a student must have a minimum 2.8 undergraduate GPA, a minimum 3.0 GPA in the major discipline, and a competitive GRE score. An applicant must present a bachelor’s degree in athletic training or a program that includes the following undergraduate courses: human anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology, biomechanics, and statistics. The application package must also include official transcripts representing all previous coursework, two letters of recommendation, and a written goals statement.

Students may apply online. When completing the online application process, you must create a profile and select your program of study. Be sure to select Athletic Training- Post Professional Concentration MS.

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