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The mission of the Graduate School at WCU is to provide leadership to facilitate high quality graduate education that accommodates the needs of a diverse community of learners seeking academic advancement, career expansion and change, community engagement, and research expertise while also balancing the demands of every-day life. The Graduate School at WCU provides personalized support for the graduate student experience from admission to graduation that is flexible and responsive to our students and to the needs of the larger community.

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Discover your next thing.

WCU is proud of it's graduate school, and we encourage you to explore various challenging and inspiring graduate programs that we offer. From Biology to Business Ethics to Social Work, our graduate level fields of study will challenge you to reflect, discover and grow. 

Master's & Doctoral Programs


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Double Your Opportunity

Once a Ram, always a Ram, right? You've established yourself on WCU's campus as an undergraduate student. You know how great you were prepared for life after earning your bachelor's degree. So, why not continue your education at the place that feels like home?! With 80 certificate, master's and doctoral degrees, allow us to continue to drive that Ram spirit and situate you for even greater success with your education and career!



U.S. News and World Report ranks West Chester’s MBA program as one of the top online programs in the nation.

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Choosing to pursue a graduate degree is a bold and exciting decision. Graduate Studies opens up a new landscape that offers more than knowledge; it provides you with a broader view of the world and a deeper understanding of yourself. We're excited to lead you through the application process and look forward to getting your journey started. 

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