West Chester University of Pennsylvania Student Government Association

Welcome to the Student Government Association Page! Our mission is to provide a representative, unified, and responsible government, promote the welfare of all students, enrich student education with practical experience in self-government, and ensure the rights and privileges for all.​ Our weekly meetings are held Tuesdays at 7:15 PM, (check RamConnect for room location) and every meeting is open to the public.  

If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, please do NOT plan to attend any SGA meetings or events. Please register for these meetings on RamConnect or contact the Secretary to get an invitation. 

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The Student Government Association Elections Committee is proud to announce the executive board for the 2023-2024 academic year, effective April 25, 2023:   
President: Alexandra Clancy
Vice President: Sierra Irving
Treasurer: Jasmine Stewart
Secretary: Aliza Greenfield
Parliamentarian: Keilah Hanley
Public Relations:  Annie Wineka

Executive Board Office Hours

Our Mission

SGA is an inclusive student organization, and we are always looking for feedback from students! We are hard at work revising our bylaws and planning a wonderful year. As the year progresses, stay tuned for our latest updates and information. Visit our office in Sykes 213!

The purpose of the SGA is to provide a unified and responsible government that will promote the welfare and growth of students, and constantly work in the benefit of all students. The SGA will work to ensure that all rights and privileges are shared by all. The SGA will make certain that the concerns of students will be heard and acted upon. 

A former senate is pictured on the staircase in Sykes Student Union The SGA executive board is pictured with four members standing behinf three squatting members

Senators are pictured on a sunny day outside of Sykes Student Union making a "Rams Up" with their hands after participating in community service

Interested in running for a position or joining a committee? Join us  at a meeting or email us for more information! 


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