Get Involved!  


How can I get involved with my Student Government Association?

  1. Attend an SGA General Assembly meeting. These meetings take place every Tuesday at 7:15 via Zoom (a teleconferencing service) and are open to all. Come and hear about the latest issues being discussed, or raise your own issue/concern during the Public Comment section of the meeting. (Please register on RamConnect if you are a current member of WCUPA, or email the Secretary for the link.)
  2. Run for a Senate position in the spring or run for an open (vacant) position at any meeting (see below). Review the SGA bylaws for an overview of all the positions and their requirements.
  3. Join an SGA committee. These are chaired by a member of the Senate and are open to the general student population.  
  4. Vote in the Senate elections (see below). If you're not interested in running for a position, be sure to vote in Senate elections to have a say in who will be representing you!
  5. Attend an SGA sponsored event: contact Vice President Quinaysia Payne
  6. Reach out to your student Senators with any questions or concerns. 
  7. Run in the upcoming Senator Elections! Register on RamConnect! Please email the SGA Secretary, Jacqueline Griffith, if you have any questions.

Contact SGA's Secretary for more information.

This is YOUR student government. Get involved and have your voice heard! 

Next Elections

  • All WCU students who will be enrolled at least part time Fall 2022, including incoming first years, are eligible to run for a Senate seat. Elections for the 2022-2023 Senate will occur on Friday, May 6th at 6:00 p.m. via Zoom. SGA general senate meetings occur every Tuesday at 7:15 pm. Register on RamConnect!
  • Executive board elections for the following year occur each March on D2L and are open to all enrolled students. Be sure to VOTE!
  • Students are able to run for open Senate positions throughout the semester. You must attend one General Assembly meeting to be eligible to run.
  • Contact the secretary elect for more info!

    Current Open Senate Seats


    • Wells School of Music
    • University College
    • Curriculum and Academic Policy (CAP-C)
    • First Generation
    • Off Campus and Commuter
    • Sexuality Equity
    • Multi-Cultural Greek Council
    • National Pan-Hellenic Council
    • Multicultural Affairs

    Please see the bylaws to learn about each position!


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