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Student Government Association


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Student Government Association

Sykes Student Union
110 W Rosedale Ave
West Chester, PA 19382

Phone: 610-436-2956


The Bylaw Review Committee will:

  1. Study and interpret the SGA bylaws as well as advise their president and vice president as to their interpretations.
  2. Collect, record, and update the bylaws of all student organizations at West Chester University. 
  3. Introduce all bylaws to the senate with recommendations for approval, rejection, or nullifications – except those of the Graduate Student Association, the Off Campus and Commuter Association, and the Residence Hall Association. 
  4. Accept and review senate seat applications.
  5. Hold any necessary appeal hearings for probationary groups during the spring semester.
  6. Perform any other duties specified in these bylaws or delegated by the senate.

The Finance Committee will: 

  1. Assist the SGA treasurer in the preparation of the fiscal budget. 
  2. Uphold the SGA Financial Policies and Procedures. 
  3. Recommend to the senate allocations for auxiliary requests. 
  4. Collect, record, and update the financial policies of all SGA recognized student organizations. 
  5. Perform any other duties specified in these bylaws or delegated by the senate. 
  6. Conduct a seminar on SGA Financial Policies and Procedures and the budgeting process at least once during the fall semester for all student organization treasurers.

The Legislative Affairs Committee will: 

  1. Represent the students on the federal, state, and local levels in all areas pertaining to non-academic legislation that may affect student life at West Chester University. 
  2. Inform the students of legislation that may affect them and provide them with a proper avenue to voice their opinions through programs such as letter writing campaigns and forums. 
  3. Organize a voter registration drive in collaboration with the Public Relations Committee every fall semester. 
  4. Work with the other PASSHE schools to keep abreast of upcoming issues and events in the State System of Higher Education. 
  5. Perform any other duties specified in these bylaws or delegated by the senate. 
  6. Organize the annual Legislative Affairs forum each spring semester.

The Multicultural Affairs Committee will: 

  1. Promote and enhance the flow of information by acting as liaison between all multicultural organizations on campus. 
  2. Increase the knowledge and understanding of multicultural issues on campus by coordinating multicultural events and inviting university multicultural organizations to participate. 
  3. Plan Diversity Week. 
  4. Perform any other duties specified by these bylaws or delegated by the senate.
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