Assessment Planning

Division of Student Affairs Assessment Plan 

 The authors of Student Affairs Assessment: A guide for practitioners describe different types of assessment based on the level of assessment complexity (Upcraft and Schuh, 1996). Our division uses these types of assessment as a framework to guide our initiatives and engages in activities to address each of these areas. Our framework is supported and sustained by our assessment infrastructure, which provides the means for carrying these activities. Infrastructure includes, but is not limited to, equipment, software, policies and procedures, assessment plans, assessment scheduling, professional development opportunities and other assessment resources.

Assessment Council

Membership & Charge

The Student Affairs Assessment Council is made up of members of the WCU community who are responsible for assessment activities and/or interested in learning more about co-curricular assessment. The mission of the Council is to work with staff and faculty to improve the quality of co-curricular programs and services, student learning, retention and success through the intentional use of data.

The Assessment Council will:

  • Review Student Affairs' contribution to meeting the Middle States Accreditation Standards
  • Contribute to the assessment plan for the Division of Student Affairs
  • Create and share assessment resources and professional development opportunities
  • Design a co-curricular assessment calendar and provide feedback on assessments
  • Recognize and celebrate co-curricular assessment activities that align with best practices
  • Encourage collaboration on assessment projects where appropriate
  • Assist with the coordination of division-wide assessment projects as needed
  • Meet 1-2 times per month

Adapted from the previous WCU Assessment Council mission and the University of Oregon Student Affairs Assessment Council.


Council Members Department
Sendy Alcidonis Center for Women and Gender Equity
Kaileik Asbury Dowdy Multicultural Center
Pam Frontino Office of Service Learning and Volunteer Programs
Briana Green Dowdy Multicultural Center
Tammy Hilliard-Thompson Office of Student Conduct
Maggie Holroyd Off Campus and Commuter Services
Brian Moore Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs
Erin Obetz Off Campus and Commuter Services
Adriane Reilly (Co-Chair) Sykes Student Union
Sarah Ryan Office of Student Conduct
Katelyn Shellaway Twardowski  Career Development Center
Amanda Thomas (Co-Chair) Assessment and Planning
Susan Visoskas Residence Life and Housing Services
Charles Warner Student Leadership and Involvement
Nzingha Wright Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs
Devan Zgleszewski New Student Programs



Information Services and Technology

Institutional Research

-Overview of the Office of Institutional Research

-Information Request Form

Institutional Review Board

Registrar's Office

Teaching, Learning & Assessment Center

Assessment Planning

Survey Planning Template

Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning


Survey Timing

Survey invitations and reminder messages can be scheduled in advance in Qualtrics. When setting up the schedule, think about the days and times of the week that participants are mostly likely to have time to take a survey. Sending invitation and reminder messages a little before these times should help ensure the message is at the top of their email at a time when they are available to participate.

It can be helpful to look at past survey submissions to determine the times that have been most popular. If you don't have a past survey to refer to, talk to a marketing person or another group at the university that has recently completed a study to see if they can help. As an example, a review of the 2018 First Destination Survey suggested that the highest number of WCU students completed surveys between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. The top three times were 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Midnight to 1:00 AM was also fairly popular. 

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