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Division of Student Affairs


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Division of Student Affairs

238 Sykes Student Union
West Chester, PA 19383

Phone: 610-436-3301
Fax: 610-436-2480

Name: Dr. Zebulun Davenport, Ph.D.
Position: Vice President


The Division of Student Affairs is committed to using assessment to document and improve our efforts to promote student learning, satisfaction, retention, and success. These pages serve as both a resource, as well as a way to highlight our assessment efforts.

The Division of Student Affairs Assessment Council was established to monitor the assessment activities for the Division. Staff members are encouraged to contact any of the

Council Members

 for consultation or support regarding their assessment needs. View the attached documents for further details about the mission and goals  of the Council.

Student Learning Outcomes

The Division of Student Affairs partners with Academic Affairs to promote and enhance student learning that occurs both within and outside of the classroom. To focus their efforts, the Division created a set of seven learning outcomes, which were informed heavily by the pivotal document in the student affairs field, Learning reconsidered: A campus-wide focus on the student experience (NASPA/ACPA, 2004) , which promotes holistic learning and the idea that the entire campus is a learning community.

Learning outcomes are what we expect students to be able to do, know, or achieve as a result of their engagement. Student Affairs strives to engage students in learning opportunities that support one or more of the seven learning outcomes, or a particular set of learning outcomes they have developed for a specific department or program. Below are resources to assist Student Affairs staff in the development and assessment of learning outcomes.


Projects and Reports

Student Affairs uses assessment to provide data that support strategic priorities and initiatives, as well as to improve our programs and services that support student learning, retention, and success.

Resources and Templates

In addition to consulting with a member of the Student Affairs Assessment Council, Student Affairs staff are encouraged to utilize the following resources to assist them with their assessment projects.

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