Qualitative Analysis

Dedoose is useful for analyzing qualitative and mixed methods research with text, photos, audio, videos, spreadsheet data and more. Review the video tutorials here before requesting an account through IS&T's website.

Event Attendance

Five ways to track event attendance through RamConnect

Track Attendance in RamConnect Via Mobile Device

Track Attendance in RamConnect Via Self Check-In

Track Attendance in RamConnect Via Computer

Upload a List of Attendees to RamConnect

Use RamConnect to Track Attendance during Virtual Programs

Access Zoom Attendance Reports


RamConnect (also known as the Campus Groups product) is a community engagement platform purchased by the Division of Student Affairs. Features include portals for community groups (e.g., student organizations, administrative committees), events calendars, news feeds, forms and more. For assessment purposes, RamConnect offers a common place offices to store event attendance data, group rosters, and leadership positions. Pre-/post-tests can be also administered through the forms function.


iClickers (also known as personal response systems) are handheld devices that participants can use to submit real-time responses to questions during a session. They are useful for guiding conversations during sessions and assessing learning and satisfaction at the end of a program. Approximately 80 devices can be reserved through the WCU Digital Corner. Training on using the equipment and information about how iClickers have been used successfully by others are also provided.

Mentimeter and Kahoot! are similar to iClickers, however these services are offered online and participants typically use their own electronic devices to answer the questions.

Surveys and Rubrics

Qualtrics is a program for designing and administering surveys. Purchased by the WCU Office of Institutional Research and managed by Information Services and Technology, it provides several survey features with a user-friendly interface.

Visual Design

Infographics and charts are helpful additions to documents that are all text. Visual elements can make information easier for users to understand. The goal should be to efficiently and effectively communicate data in a way that is easy to use and understand for audiences of all levels while maintaining aesthetic appeal. Below is a mixture of free and paid resources that can be used in creating visual designs (e.g., posters, infographics, charts).

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