The Department of Physics & Engineering offers multiple degree programs:

B. S. in Physics

This program prepares students to work as quantitative problem solvers in jobs such as researcher, lab technician, or analyst. This program also provides the foundation for graduate work in physics, astronomy, and related fields.

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WCU Student doing physics project

Dual degree 3-2 Physics-Engineering

In this program, students spend 3 years at WCU earning a B.S. in Physics, then spend two years at one of our affiliate institutions to complete a bachelor's degree in an engineering field.

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Physics student working in a group

Combined BS Physics & MS in Quantum Science and Engineering

This program is a truly unique 3-2 dual degree program where students spend three years at WCU and two years at the University of Delaware, after which they will have a B.S. in Physics from WCU and an MS in the growing field of Quantum Science and Engineering (QSE) from the University of Delaware


Quatum physics