Bachelor of Science in Physics

Why Choose a B.S. in Physics?

Do you want to investigate the limits of space, the beginning of time, and everything in between? How about not only understanding the technology around us, but being a part of the next breakthrough? Want to save the planet or maybe just help people get better when they are ill? Or perhaps your interest lies in modeling the behavior of the stock market and making a lot of money while you are at it!

A physics degree is pathway to a plethora of careers. Physics is more than a subject... it is a way to think about the world. It is the critical thinking skills honed while pursuing a physics degree that future employers seek and value. The diverse examples of job placement below underscores the versatility of a physics degree to pursuing the career that is the best fit for you!

Life After WCU... Where Have Recent Alumni Gone?

Tiger Optics Inc.

Department of Energy


University of Delaware

Temple University

Drexel University

Veritas Medical Solutions

Thomas Jefferson University

Undergraduate Research

Student Research

One of the strengths of our department is the participation of students in research at the forefront of physics. Research opportunities exist in astronomy, biophysics, engineering, soft condensed matter, and thin films.

Alumni Spotlight

Amy SmockAmy Smock is pursing her Ph.D. in Physics and Bryn Mawr College.  Her research is in galactic dynamics, in particular looking into new methods of analysis for the evolution of spiral modes in disk galaxies. 

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