Current Students

This page contains information and resources for current students in our Physics and Engineering programs.

Academic Advising

Your faculty academic advisor is your contact person for questions about the curriculum, summer internship and research opportunities, and career pathways. You should plan to meet with your advisor at least once a semester.

Research opportunities

Want to know more about a particular topic? Want to go beyond the textbook and into the real world? If so, then you may be interested in conducting research in physics or engineering!

Many of the Department's faculty advise students on research projects and independent study. WCU has opportunities for students to receive course credit, or be funded, while conducting research with a faculty member. We can also advise you on external opportunities such as internships and NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REUs). If you're interested in a faculty member's research, contact him/her to learn more about how you could get involved.

Learn more about Research Opportunities

Physics Tea & Seminars

Need a study break? Want to catch up with your friends, or your favorite prof? Join us for Physics Tea every Thursday at 3:00 pm in the Physics Forum (SECC 372).

Most weeks, Physics tea is followed by Physics Seminar at 3:30 pm in SECC 372. Check out the Physics Seminar schedule.


Society of Physics Students (SPS)

The Society of Physics Students is a national professional organization that promotes students of physics. WCU has a lively SPS Chapter. Some recent chapter activities include

  • Weekly Physics Tea
  • GRE study sessions
  • One-on-one and group tutoring for General Education courses
  • Coffee and donut breakfasts during finals week
  • Bowling with professors
  • End-of-year barbeque

Join the WCU SPS Chapter today by joining on OrgSync.


Society of Women in Physics (SWiP)

The Society of Women in Physics (SWiP) is a new organization focused on supporting and celebrating minority students in the physics and engineering department. Of all the STEM disciplines, women are most underrepresented in physics. According to the American Physical Society, only 22% percent of physics bachelor’s degrees were awarded to women. In all other STEM disciplines, 37% of bachelor’s degrees were awarded to women. We hope to address the issues of inclusivity in physics at West Chester University through various activities. SWiP will offer mentoring opportunities, host women speakers, perform outreach to local high schools, and provide a community for the women in the department. We hope you will get involved and support us!


Scholarships & awards

The Physics & Engineering Department offers the following scholarships and awards:

  • Robert M. Brown Endowed Scholarship
    Robert M. Brown ‘38 established the Robert M. Brown Endowed Scholarship for Physics in December 1996.
  • Benjamin Faber Scholarship
    The Benjamin Faber Scholarship was established in his honor by his family. Benjamin Faber was a dual major in Physics and Mathematics, and the scholarship is awarded annually to a student in each department. The scholarship is not only based upon achievement in Physics, but also for demonstrated collegiality and generosity to fellow students, a hallmark of Ben Faber’s time with us.
  • Dr. Michael F. Martens Award
    This award was established by a bequest of the estate of Dr. Martens, a faculty member of the Department of Physics. The award is for achievement in Physics and is given to a Physics major in any of its programs regardless of the number of credit hours taken in Physics.
  • Faculty Recognition for Outstanding Achievement in Physics
    Given by the Faculty of the Department for achievement in physics, and to recognize the potential for future excellence in the field.
  • Russell K. Rickert Award for Undergraduate Student Research
    The Dr. Russell K. Rickert Award for Undergraduate Student Research recognizes up to two students for excellence in undergraduate research. The award is given at the end of a student’s time at West Chester University. Awardees must have demonstrated a sustained and significant commitment to undergraduate research.
  • The Dr. Gary Pascuzzo Scholarship
    This scholarship is given to one or more students in SCI 102 who are engaged in and excel in the course, who show promise to transfer the knowledge gained in the course to their own classroom, and who embody the gentle and kind spirit that was characteristic of Dr. Pascuzzo.
  • The Richard and Jeanette Merion Scholarship 
    This scholarship is awarded to a sophomore, junior or senior Physics, Chemistry or Biology major for academic excellence, with preference given to a ROTC participant. Selection of the recipient is made with the consultation of the Chairs of the three academic departments.
  • The Yarosewick Family Scholarship
    This scholarship will support a fourth-year science major pursuing a B.S. Ed. who has a GPA of at least a 3.2 (in physics, chemistry, biology and earth/space science).  The recipient should demonstrate exceptional promise as a science teacher and community environment.
  • The Roger and Diane Casagrande Scholarship
    This scholarship is awarded to either communication Studies majors and/or to those in the Physics/Engineering program. Besides fulfilling a minimum GPA requirement, recipients of the scholarship must have a record of considerable campus and community service.

 In addition, the WCU Chapter of Sigma Pi Sigma, the Physics Honors Society, inducts new members every Spring Semester.

Research and apply for other scholarship opportunities.