3-2 Bachelor's/master's program

Quantum Science and Engineering BS/MS

This is a new program in which West Chester University and the University of Delaware have teamed up to offer the country’s first and only 3-2 dual degree program in quantum science and engineering. After completing just three years at WCU and an additional two years at the University of Delaware, students will earn a bachelor’s degree in Physics from West Chester University and a master’s degree in Quantum Science and Engineering from the University of Delaware.

Quantum Science and Engineering (QSE) focuses on understanding and exploiting the unusual behavior of particles and excitations governed by the laws of quantum mechanics. This improved control over the quantum world has already found its way into a tremendous number of applications spanning a broad range of fields. For example, quantum communication uses the phenomenon of entanglement to securely transmit data over large distances.  Quantum computers can perform calculations that would take current classical computers decades or even hundreds of years, which will in turn have implications for medicine, finance, and defense.  Quantum materials applications include using 2D semiconductors for more efficient solar cells and quantum dots that can potentially be harnessed to drive ultralow power consumption devices.  Quantum magnetic field sensors will enable improved functional brain imaging.  The vast potential of QSE will require a workforce with interdisciplinary training in quantum mechanics, materials science, electrical engineering, and computer science. 

With applications we have yet to even imagine on the horizon, Fortune Business Insights projects the QSE market to grow from $486 million in 2021 to $3.2 billion in 2028, a average annual growth rate of about 31%.  We are excited to provide WCU Physics majors with this unique opportunity to become part of the truly revolutionary field of Quantum Science and Engineering.