Physics Tea & events

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Thursdays at 3:00 pm in the Physics Forum (SECC 372)

Join us each Thursday for Physics Tea. This is a social time for physics students and faculty to chat about physics, classes, grad school, and anything else! It's a great time to relax and see your professors and classmates in an informal atmosphere outside the classroom. Light refreshments are served.

Visitors are welcome, especially alumni and prospective students!

Physics seminars or other events occur most weeks during the term at 3:30 p.m. (following tea at 3:00 p.m.).  Tea talks range from research seminars to informal presentations on graduate school, industry, and outreach. Upcoming talks are listed below.

Spring 2024

Date Event
Jan 25 Welcome back!
Feb 1 Physics Jeopardy
Feb 8  Faculty Talk (Dr. Sudol)
Feb 15 Game day
Feb 22 Student Talk


Date Event
Sept 7 Game Day
Sept 14 Talk: REU Basics by Chris Barnes
Sept 21 Student Research Talk
Sept 28 Research talk by WCU alumnus Dr. Shane Fiorenza
Oct 5 Student Internship Talk
10/12 Fundraising Dinner
10/26 Alumni Panel
10/31 Faculty Research Talk

Spring 2023

Date Talk
April 27 Outdoor picnic & games
May 4 Star Wars movie night

Fall 2021

Find our AY 2021-2022 events calendar here !

Spring 2021

Date Talk
February 11 Wolfram-Mathematica workshop
February 25 Forum with WCU Physics alumni
March 11

Q&A session with an engineer on the Mars Perseverance mission

Emily Bohannon (NASA)

March 25

"Planets in Transit: I"

Dr. Jeffrey Sudol

April 1

"Planets in Transit: II"

Dr. Jeffrey Sudol

April 15

"Bring the future into focus: collecting clues to help guide your path"

Dr. Mary Oksala (California Lutheran University)


Fall 2020

The Physics Tea Talks will be delivered via live Zoom sessions this semester.

Date Talk
September 24

Graduate School Panel (informal)

October 1

Summer Research Opportunities

Dr. Ian Morrison

October 22

"Bringing a Neutron Star Down to Earth"

Dr. Napolitano (Temple University)



Dr. Jeffrey Sudol


Fall 2019

Date Talk
February 27


Dr. Annemarie Exarhos (Lafayette College)

March 19


Sequoyah Walters (WCU Physics '20)

April 9


Dr. Jim Napolitano (Temple University)