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Wells School of Music

Graduate Program

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Wells School of Music

Swope Music Building
817 S. High Street
West Chester, PA 19383

Wells School of Music
Phone: 610-436-2739
Fax: 610-436-2873

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Applied Music
Music Education
Music Theory, History and Composition

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1. Get Information

Go to the Graduate Admissions website; complete the on-line application and submit all required supporting documents.

2. Make Contact

Contact Coordinator of Graduate Studies for Music (, 610-436-2070) and/or the Chair of the department in which studies will be undertaken to determine need for interviews, auditions or submission of supplemental materials.

  • Coordinator of Graduate Studies - Dr. M. Gregory Martin
  • Applied Music - Dr. Chris Hanning
  • Music Education - Dr. Marci Major
  • Music Theory & Composition - Dr. Rob Maggio
  • Music History & Literature - Dr. Julian Onderdonk

3. Once accepted to the University register for the Graduate Placement Test

Take the Wells School of Music Graduate Placement Test (GPT). This examination is offered twice during each semester and twice during the Summer Session.

4. Status

  • Fully Matriculated
    • If all admission criteria are satisfactory and the applicant's scores on the GPT in both Music Theory and Music History are "pass", the applicant will be admitted to graduate study in music in "Fully Matriculated" status.
  • Provisional - remedial courses required due to a failing grade in either section of the GPT
    • If all admission criteria are satisfactory, but the applicant's score on the GPT in Music Theory is "fail", the applicant may be admitted in "Provisional Status" and must take MTC 591 Advanced Chromatic harmony as a remedial course.
    • If all admission criteria are satisfactory, but the applicant's score on the GPT in Music History is "fail", the applicant may be admitted in "Provisional Status" and must take MHL 501 Style, Form and Genre as a remedial course. Note: Upon successful completion of these remedial courses, apply for a change of admission status to "Fully Matriculated". (Remedial courses are in addition to courses required by the degree curriculum.)
  • Provisional - GPT to be completed
    • A student may also be admitted in "Provisional Status" if all admission criteria are satisfactory and the GPT is taken at the first available test date following admission in "Provisional" status.

5. Apply for Admission to Degree Candidacy

After the successful completion of twelve to fourteen credit hours of graduate course work (in addition to any required remediation), complete and file an "Application for Admission to Candidacy for the Degree" form with the Graduate College. Before degree candidacy can be granted, the following conditions must be met:

  • Achieve overall GPA of 3.00 and GPA of 3.00 in the music discipline.
  • Satisfactory completion of any required remediation.

6. Arrange Exit Examination

Upon completion of coursework and final project such as thesis, recital or research paper, arrange to take comprehensive exit examination.

7. Apply for Graduation

  • During the final semester of study, complete and submit the Intent to Graduate card to the Graduate College.
  • Submit appropriate fees as requested by the Graduate College.

Only after all requirement for the degree in your area of study have been fully and completely satisfied will the student be cleared for graduation by the Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Music.


  • All degree requirements must be completed within six years. A single one-year extension may be granted for cause.
  • Six semester hours of graduate credit may be transferred into a degree program upon approval by advisor, department chair, graduate coordinator and the Graduate College and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. No more than six semester hours of workshop credit may be counted toward fulfillment of degree requirements.
  • Continuous registration is required to remain in active status through either enrollment in formal coursework or registration for GSR 799, a non-credit, non-fee category used to record the fact of continuous enrollment. Students who fail to maintain continuous registration will be considered inactive and must reapply for admission to graduate study.
  • A limited number of graduate assistantships are available during the academic year.
  • Although faculty advisers and the Coordinator of Graduate Studies for the Wells School of Music will assist each student in the successful completion of the degree program, it is the responsibility of the individual student to become thoroughly acquainted with the policies and procedures outlined in the Wells School of Music Graduate Handbook and the Graduate Catalog and fulfill, in a timely fashion, all university and program requirements.
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