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March is National Athletic Training and National Nutrition Month and the College of Health Sciences is proud to recognize our programs!

The WCU Athletic Training program is one of the largest accredited programs in the country, preparing athletic trainers since 1970. The faculty pride themselves in their dual roles as classroom teachers and practicing clinicians for the University's intercollegiate student athletes while precepting students. The Nutrition Department has recently created three distinct tracks and a Dietetic Internship Certificate for students interested in becoming registered dietitians. We are proud of the success of these programs and exceptional work by the faculty, students and alumna.

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National Athletic Training Month - ATS Are Essential To Health Care - March 2021

National Nutrition Month 2021 - Personalize Your Plate

The CDC Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) is a national evidence-based intervention to decrease risk of developing type 2 diabetes through sustainable lifestyle changes. Since 2017, WCU's DPP, has provided no cost self-care education for WCU faculty, staff, and the community as well as funded 3 senior undergraduate and 14 graduate students from several disciplines to attend a two-day certification training as Lifestyle Coaches, a necessary step to become DPP facilitators. The students facilitate meetings, develop education materials, and conduct research. Under the direction of Dr. Patricia Davidson (Nutrition) and Dr. Melissa Reed (Kinesiology), the WCU DPP is structured as a 1-year intervention, divided into 16 weekly 1-hour sessions, followed by 6 monthly 1-hour sessions.

National Diabetes Prevention Program - Working Together to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

The respiratory care program, which is a collaboration with Bryn Mawr Hospital, has been named a recipient of the 2021-2022 Apex Recognition Award. According to the American Association of Respiratory Care, "This respiratory care program has demonstrated best practices in educating our future practitioner and promotes patient safety by providing access to respiratory therapists to deliver their care. Your program is among an elite group of respiratory care educational programs from across the U.S. to receive this award."

This award is an honor that only 8 Educational Programs in the U.S. received! Learn more about the respiratory care program!


AARC - Apex Award

In the Spring, CHS student groups were tasked to come up with an innovative tagline that spoke to all six of our departments. What evolved was "Be Fit, Be Well, Be Restored." To further promote their idea, the Dean's office sponsored a t-shirt fundraising drive to benefit the groups and one of our local partners, Community Volunteers in Medicine. Here, interim Associate Dean Dr. Cheryl Gunter presents the profits ($450) to Maureen Tomoschuk of CVIM. Way to go CHS Rams!


Be Fit, Be Well, Be Restored

This semester teacher candidates enrolled in HPE 300 Curriculum & Instruction: Elementary Physical Education, are teaching physical education to students at the Chester County Family Academy. Dr. Fran Cleland designs the lessons and the teacher candidates teach the children via Zoom. Check out the Channel 6 story below with Tafari Lawrence learning from our students Sarah Sherman and Cameron Orwig.

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In spite of a mostly virtual schedule, many of the CHS students are still engaged in their clinical education and working in the field. In our CSD clinic on campus, in area hospitals and schools, and assisting our County Health Department, students are actively engaged in learning. When clinical agencies are not available, our students supplement their learning with virtual clinical experiences, or using the lab to improve skills through simulations.

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Congratulations Health Sciences Graduates

WCU President and Deans share their congratulations message to the WCU Class of 2020
CHS Graduation Video 2020

Trunkloads of Help

The faculty and staff of the CHS have been working to support our community– in body and mind, through the COVID pandemic. The Kinesiology, Nursing and Sports Medicine Departments have all donated cases of gloves, gowns, and other PPE to area hospitals and senior centers, while the Nutrition Department donated unused food items to the St. Agnes Day Room program and healthy snacks to the Chester County Hospital staff. We’re proud that our college, and the WCU administration, took the initiative to keep our community safe and healthy!

Daily Local Story

The Center for Contemplative Studies has provided valuable public health resources on its site, along with both live and participatory meditation and yoga sessions with opportunities to talk with instructors. All sessions are 30 minutes with 20 minutes of practice and 10 minutes of dialogue. There are also recorded meditations to fit into any schedule.

Trunkloads of Help

Human Performance Lab

The state-of-the-art Human Performance Lab, in the College of Health Sciences, is a facility that embodies our mission around innovative approaches to education and research. In it, our faculty are able to teach, conduct research, and help athletes and individuals achieve optimum health and performance. Check out the video below to see the incredible work that's happening here!

Human Performance Lab Video

"What advice would you offer to other academic advisors?"

Dr. Carolyn Meehan headshot

Dr. Meehan:

Enjoy the experience. With each student advisee I ask that they articulate how they will "find their path" at WCU. Often a student will identify an interest or a passion, maybe sports or the arts, and we collaborate on an approach to pursuing it while they complete their coursework. I find that students that engage in interests outside of nursing will often express feeling more satisfied with their overall WCU experience.

Dr. Selen Razon headshot

Dr. Razon:

Follow the WCU plan. Watch. Observe other skillful advisers and use them as a resource. Connect. Really get to know your advisee, and Use self-care by taking time to relax and recharge.

Dr. Melissa Whidden headshot

Dr. Whidden:

What I have learned from my students is that they value input from professors that they respect. They look up to their faculty and expect to be in good hands. Try to picture yourself in their shoes and always be mindful of the tremendous impact that you may have on them. Your interaction with an advisee could improve their day, their academic career, or their life.

Decorated Mortarboard Contest

Decorated Mortarboard Contest

To celebrate December graduation, the College of Health Sciences sponsored a "Decorated Mortarboard Contest." The winner for "Inspirational Mortarboard" was Tamira McCurty (Kinesiology) for her mortarboard that honored departed loved ones. The winners for "Department/Major Mortarboard" were Alexandra Foust (Nursing) and Kelly Reilley (Communication Sciences and Disorders). The winner for "Humorous Mortarboard" was Danielle Sterner (Kinesiology), who reminded everyone to "Stay Golden." Congratulations to our winners, and to all of CHS graduates!

Take A Mental Health Day 2019

Take A Mental Health Day 2019

The College of Health Sciences kicked off the fall semester with two great events! The fifth annual "Take a Mental Health Day" event was held on Tuesday, October 8 and featured two very compelling presentations! The afternoon started with Jordan Burnham of Minding Your Mind and his story of recovery from a suicide attempt while in high school, and the evening event featured Ms. Tonier Cain. Tonier's story was one of a life derailed by trauma, it's long lasting influence and her path out. Tonier's presentation was co-sponsored by the College of Education and Social Work, the College of the Sciences and Mathematics, the Criminal Justice Department, and Student Affairs and was followed by a panel discussion on trauma by members of the WCU faculty and the Chester County Prison. It was a very memorable evening!

An Evening with Pat Croce

An Evening with Pat Croce

On October 16, the CHS hosted Pat Croce for an interview with our own Dr. Don McCown. Mr. Croce and Dr. McCown discussed "Living a Contemplative Life In a World of Action." Mr. Croce has been an avid supporter and benefactor to the WCU Center for Contemplative Studies here on campus, and engaged in a wide-ranging conversation with Dr. McCown about his path to a more contemplative way of living. See more information about Mr. Croce's story here in the follow-up interview with Forbes

CHS Students Pass Licensing Exams With Flying Colors!

CHS Students Pass Licensing Exams With Flying Colors!

A major point of pride for the College of Health Sciences, is success in preparing students to enter their professional field. One of the greatest measures of our success, is the first time pass rates on the respective board and licensing exams.

Congratulations on exceptional achievement in this area:

Communication Sciences & Disorders
Graduate students in the Speech Language Pathology (SLP) program complete the SLP Praxis at the end of their graduate studies. This is a standardized, summative assessment of knowledge commissioned by the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association. Successful completion of the SLP Praxis qualifies graduates for the post-graduate clinical fellowship period. The first-time pass rate of WCU students has been 100% for more than five consecutive years.

Our prelicensure nursing program exceeded the PA State Board of Nursing total NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses) first-time pass rate of 92.84% with a pass rate of 97.85%! During the April 2018 to October 2018 reporting period, the prelicensure BSN graduates achieved 100% on the first-attempt pass rate!

Respiratory Therapy
Graduates of the Respiratory Care Program are eligible to take both the Certification Exam (entry level written exam) and the Registry Exam (advanced level simulation exam) offered by the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC). During the most recent reporting period, which included graduates from the Class of 2018, achievement of the CRT (Certified Respiratory Therapist) credential was 100% and the RRT (Registered Respiratory Therapist) credential was 96%.

Sports Medicine
In May 2019, the Department of Sports Medicine graduated the inaugural cohort for the professional M.S. in Athletic Training program, with a Board of Certification exam pass rate of 100%! ALL graduates passed on their first attempt!

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