Specialty Lab Spaces

Duey Immersive Learning Center

The Duey Immersive Learning Center contains:

  • Twelve bed assessment lab for practicing clinical skills in a professional setting
  • Four full-sized patient rooms for simulations in realistic hospital settings
  • Four exam rooms capable of and a home health suite to provide immersive experiences in a variety of professional settings
  • Two debriefing rooms that allow for livestreaming of simultaneous simulation experiences in addition to use of video recordings in debriefing
  • Video Recording Platform that allows for creation, storage, marking, and sharing of educational videos
  • A family of high-fidelity manikins in addition to a variety of low and mid-fidelity manikins
  • The facilities to provide a Standardized Patient experience
  • A low student to faculty ratio in skills and simulations

The Duey Immersive Learning Center space and standardized patients may be requested through 25-Live. Please review the information provided here.

For questions, please contact: Christy Hunt, x.2829
Room #147, SECC

To apply to participate as a standardized patient in the Immersive Learning Center, please submit the attached form to Christy Hunt.