Center for Global Education/Augsburg Mexico Program

The spring semester study abroad program in Cuernavaca, Mexico is designed for social work juniors who are looking to improve their Spanish language skills, study and live abroad in a Latin American context, and complete their junior field placement in a Mexican social service agency. The information below is meant to help students plan for application deadlines, costs, and other WCU procedures. For more information about the program, please see the CGEE Augsburg program website.


The tuition for Augsburg/CGEE is equal to WCU tuition for full-time credits (approximately $3,620, but subject to change) plus room, board, and airfare. Students pay tuition directly to Augsburg (see below). Room and board is estimated to be approximately $2,500. Airfare will depend upon the ticket you find. Students whose language skills are below the SPA 201 (intermediate) level can enroll in a winter session (January) immersion course that has an additional cost of approximately $2000. There are scholarships available for students looking to study abroad through the WCU Global Engagement Office and can be used for tuition, room and board, or travel.

*Please note that these costs are tentative and subject to change each year.

Transfer equivalencies (social work and Spanish language study)

Students who successfully complete the program are able to transfer all of their courses to WCU and fulfill the requirements of the major for junior spring semester. Students take social work courses at the Center for Global Education and Experience in Cuernavaca. Across the street at the Universal Language School, students take their one required Spanish language course. The semester is “packaged” as 15 credits; if students withdraw from a particular course, it may affect the total number of credits they receive for the semester and any financial aid. The following is a grid of equivalencies for social work courses (please note: students should take SWO 351 prior to junior spring semester):

CGE Course (with credits) WCU Course Equivalent (with credits)

SWK 261: Social Welfare: U.S.-Mexico Relations (4)

SWO 395: Junior Seminar (3)

SWK 271: Comparative Social Policy (4)
SWK 316: Working with Families and Groups (4)

SWO 432: Advanced Policy Practice (3)
SWO 321: Generalist Practice II (3)

SWK 317: Social Work Field Experience (4)

SWO 375: Field Experience I (6)

Spanish Language Course (3) - see below

Spanish Language Course (3) - see below

Total Credits = 15

Total Credits = 15

The following is a list of equivalencies for Spanish Courses:

Universal Language School Course WCU Course Equivalent

SPA 111, 112 Beginning Spanish I, II

SPA 101, 102

SPA 211, 212 Intermediate Spanish I, II

SPA 201, 202

SPA 311 Conversation and Composition

SPA 301 or 302

SPA 316 Conversations in Cultural Context

SPA 199

SPA 334: Contemporary Mexican Literature

SPA 456

SPA 411 Advanced Conversation and Composition

SPA 444


All WCU students must complete the WCU Study Abroad application online and gain WCU approval prior to completing the Augsburg college application. Applications for social work candidacy applications are due no later than September 15th. Students must meet the minimum 2.5 GPA requirement and be accepted into candidacy. It is also recommended that students start the process to obtain a passport prior to beginning the application process. If you are a student in campus housing (university –owned or affiliated), you will need to contact the Office of Residence Life as soon as possible to notify them of your intention to study abroad for spring semester. If you live off campus, contact the Off-Campus and Commuter Services Office about your options.

What Happens Next?

  1. Start WCU Study Abroad Application through the portal found on the Global Engagement Office website. For this application, you will need two (2) letters of recommendation. One must be from a faculty member. The other can be the letter you use for candidacy.
  2. Complete application for social work candidacy (you do not need to apply for clearances until you return from Mexico in preparation for senior year).
  3. Once your candidacy and study abroad application are approved, you will receive an email stating you can now apply directly to the Augsburg program (due date for applications is Nov. 1).
  4. For application to Augsburg, you can list Dr. Belliveau as the advisor to give the study abroad/study away approval recommendation.
  5. Once you are accepted by Augsburg College, forward your acceptance letter to and complete the post-acceptance items that appear in your study abroad application checklist. If you do not have a passport, be sure to apply for one once you think you would like to study abroad as this is an item you will need to submit to both the Global Engagement Office as well as Augsburg.
  6. Schedule a meeting with the Financial Aid office in order to prepare for payment of tuition and room and board to Augsburg. Payment of tuition is made by the student directly to Augsburg, which is why it is important to meet with Financial Aid as early as possible to ensure no delay in your Financial Aid disbursement.
  7. Complete your registration for the spring semester via myWCU (you will receive an email from the registrar about registration for a study abroad placeholder course "CSE 199").
  8. Attend a pre-departure meeting with Dr. Belliveau and Professor Bradley to review expectations for students and gear up for a wonderful, cross-cultural experience! If family members have questions and concerns, they are welcome to attend as well!