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Social Work

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Social Work

West Chester Campus
114 W. Rosedale Avenue 
West Chester, PA 19383
(610) 436-2527

PASSHE Center City Campus
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BSW Clubs and Organizations

The social work department offers a variety of student groups to which social work students may belong. The social work club meets every other week and performs a variety of service activities. The social work club also hosts social activities for its members to enjoy. Phi Alpha is the honors society for social work, and its members also participate in many service activities. The social work department is also involved with other groups listed in this section, and gives out a variety of scholarships and awards to its students. 

Social Work Club

Advisor: Dr. Greg Tully 

The Social Work Club (SWC) is a registered student organization. The Social Work Club, open to all college students, exists to enhance the professional development of students of the social work profession. Faculty advisors meet regularly with the SWC, however, the organizations is run for the students and by the students (see SWC constitution and by-laws). The primary objective of the SWC is to enhance the learning experience of the Social Work student while he or she is attending the University. The SWC provides both educational and social networking opportunities to the students, the chance to become involved in concrete service projects, and the opportunity to develop both group and leadership skills. In addition, the SWC affords a support system for students and an opportunity to address Departmental and University-wide concerns. Furthermore, the Social Work Club provides students with information relating to their field such as current information and literature on organizations, agencies, and other related areas. The exact goals and purposes of the Social Work Club for the current year are determined by the present year's officers, class representatives, and the active members. Officers are elected by the student body in scheduled elections. The SWC has its own budget. 

The SWC has carried out several educational projects, which have involved the University as well as provided a service to the surrounding neighborhoods. These include the bi-annual rose sale, clothing, food drives, volunteering at community centers, and working with families. Social Work Club officers participate in student governance in the University at large through the Student Government Association, and thus have opportunities for the development of leadership skills, for conference attendance, and for enrichment of their entire learning experience at WCU. Student membership in the National Association of Social Workers (NSAW) provides similar opportunities at a much broader level. Students involved in NASW interact with experienced professional social workers and participate in city and regional projects. In addition, SWC has sponsored several fundraisers including the bi-annual rose sale to allow many students to attend national conferences, which enabled them to develop contacts, skills, and awareness far beyond the classroom or local community level. 

Numerous activities and projects have been undertaken by SWC. Following are many other specific examples of the activities SWC has sponsored:

Social Work Students attend conferences, seminars, and local, state and national meetings.

Community Projects
Social Work students engage in a variety of community projects.

Campus Projects
Social Work students engage in a variety of campus projects.

Each semester, at least one outing for social work majors is planned to enhance the overall relationship among social work students. This outing is especially beneficial to the new students since it provides the opportunity for students to get acquainted in a relaxed social setting, plus it holds the possibility of informal exchange of information. Another benefit is that the faculty is included which affords the opportunity for strengthening faculty-student relationships. 

Phil Alpha

Advisor: Dr. Travis Ingersoll & Dr. Susan Wysor -Nguema (Philly Campus)

The Social Work Honor Society, Phi Alpha, is a national organization dedicated academic excellence and leadership in social work. The WCU chapter of Phi Alpha has been in existence since 1991. Students are made aware of this organization through the Social Work Student Handbook (see Appendix), the WCU Catalog, and the Ram's Eye View, handout material, the Social Work bulletin board, class announcements and dialogue at student/faculty meetings. Phi Alpha is run by the student-elected officers (elected each Spring) and has its own budget. A faculty advisor is assigned to Phi Alpha and participates in regular meetings and Society activities. 

Each Spring semester the faculty advisor and Phi Alpha executive officers distribute information regarding application to Phi Alpha. The WCU chapter of Phi Alpha sets its own standards for eligibility in accordance with the criteria of the national organization. Eligibility requirements include:

  • 12 completed social work credits
  • GPA of 3.5 in social work courses
  • Involvement in community and/or campus activities.

Students meeting the eligibility criteria are notified by the current chapter President and are officially welcomed into Phi Alpha in an annual Induction Ceremony. 

Phi Alpha activities include, but are not restricted to:

  • Presentations and leadership roles in annual social work conferences (BPD, NASW, PA Chapter of NASW)
  • Service projects
  • Fundraisers
  • Social activities
  • Working closely with the Social Work Club in all of its programs and activities.

All social work students, regardless of Phi Alpha membership, are invited and encouraged to participate in Phi Alpha sponsored activities. 


Association of Black Social Workers (ABSW)

Contact: Dr. Tiffany Lane

The West Chester Chapter of the National Association of Black Social Workers was chartered in 2015.  The organization is committed to enhancing the quality of life and empowering people of African ancestry through advocacy, human services delivery, and research. This is a membership organization however campus programs and service events are open to the WCU campus.  Members attend the National and local conferences.  NABSW’s vision is guided by the Principles of the Nguzo Saba, which are Unity, Self-determination, Collective Work and Responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity, and Faith.

SuperMoms of WCU

Advisor: Susan Wysor-Nguema

The purpose of this organization is to create a safe environment that works to empower, advocate, and join mothers and people who support mothers on campus together as they receive and exchange support from one another. SuperMoms of WCU will work to ensure that rights and privileges are shared by all equally and promote a successful educational journey at West Chester University. SuperMoms of WCU will also work to make sure all concerns of mothers/students are heard and acted upon appropriately. BSW students founded and operate SuperMoms however the organization is open to all students at WCU.

The Advocate

Contact: Dr. Travis Ingersoll

The Advocate is a student-faculty newsletter published once each semester. Working with the student liaison and faculty liaison, social work students and faculty contribute items for publication. Issues highlight student and faculty activities, scholarship and service, as well as student's views on contemporary issues. Updated issues will electronically posted on our website.

NASW (National Association of Social Workers)

Student membership applications to NASW can be found in the lobby of our department located at 114 Rosedale Avenue. Student are also encouraged during their junior year prior to entering the field to join NASW.  For more information or to express interest in attending an NASW conference, please contact any faculty person.

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