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Counselor Education

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

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Counselor Education

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Mental Health Counseling

The Department of Counselor Education offers a Master of Science degree program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. The program meets the educational requirements for counselor licensure in all fifty states, as well as the Federal government requirements to work with veterans and individuals receiving Medicare or Medicaid. Completion of this program will also qualify graduates to immediately sit for the National Certified Counselor (NCC) examination. The clinical mental health program will effectively prepare graduates for a broad range of career possibilities, including working in community settings, hospitals, educational institutions, VA treatment centers, and private practice settings.

The Clinical Mental Health Counseling program prepares students to be effective mental health counselors and provides the educational requirements for counselor licensure, while earning an M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. The 60-credit hour program consists of:

  • core counseling courses,
  • clinical mental health specialty courses and
  • 700 hours of field work.

The comprehensive program results in a strong foundation for serving the mental health needs of the community.

Read more about the admission requirements on our Apply Now page.

M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Curriculum

The M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is a Full-Time Program which consists of four specific curricular elements: the 27 credit Common Core (6 credits of which will be provided by the Department of Professional and Secondary Education), 15 credits of CMHC specialty coursework, nine credits of elective coursework (that can be taken within the department or in other departments), and nine credits of field experience coursework. Each student is required to pass a comprehensive exam that requires the student to take the knowledge gained through coursework and apply it to a real world case scenario.

Common Core Requirements Credits
Degree candidacy requirements  
EDC503 Professional Orientation to Counseling 3
EDC540 Assessment Methods for Counselors* 3
EDC567 Group Dynamics 3
EDC570 Fundamentals of the Helping Relationship 3
EDC571 Counseling Theories and Techniques 3
Other common core requirements  
EDF502 Methods and Materials of Research for Counselors* 3
EDC520 Social and Cultural Diversity Issues in Counseling 3
EDC521 Human Development Across the Lifespan 3
EDC556 Career Development Theories and Practices 3
Specialty requirements  
EDC551 Introduction to Clinical Mental Health Counseling 3
EDC552 Trauma and Crisis Intervention Work and the Professional Counselor 3
EDC553 Introduction to Addictions Counseling 3
EDC560 Diagnosis and Treatment Planning for Counselors 3
EDC557 Advanced Counseling Skills and Techniques 3
Elective Coursework (other courses by permission) (take 9 credits)
EDC554 Grief Counseling 3
EDC555 Marriage and Family Counseling 3
EDC561 Current Issues in Mental Health Counseling 3
EDC558 Counseling Military Professionals and Their Families 3
Field experience requirements  
EDC580 Practicum in Clinical Mental Health Counseling 3
EDC605 Clinical Mental Health Counseling Internship
(2 semesters, 3 credits each)
Total credits required 60

* Taught by Department of Professional and Secondary Education