Frequently asked questions

How Do I Know Which Major I Want?

The Pre-Business program gives students time to make an informed choice. After completing eight required courses, students are ready to select the major that is right for them. If students have any questions about the 10 business majors, they may contact the chairperson of that department or program to discuss which major is best for them.

Can I Have a Dual Major?

Many students choose to dual (double) major in two business disciplines. For instance, students can major in Accounting and Business Analytics; Accounting and Finance; Business Analytics and Finance; Economics and Finance; Management and Marketing; or Marketing and Finance. A dual major can improve a student's job prospects after graduation. Students who major in two business disciplines and plan carefully can still graduate in four years.

If a student decides to dual major in a business discipline and another major outside the business program, it may take more than four years to complete your degree requirements. Students interested in going to law school might major in Economics and Political Science. Students interested in a career in the FBI might major in Accounting and Criminal Justice. If a student is considering a second major outside of the business programs, they should talk with advisors in both departments early in their program.

Are Minors Available?

Within the business programs, students can minor in Accounting, Business Analytics, Business Law, Digital Marketing, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business, Supply Chain Management, or White Collar Crime. Common minors outside the business program include Business Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Communication Studies, Computer Science, and Studio Art (Graphic Design). These minors can usually be completed within a four-year program.

Are Internships Required?

Internships are not required, but are highly recommended. Studies have shown that students who complete internships acquire good job experience and obtain better jobs upon graduation. Students can receive three or six credits for an internship. During the last few years, students have served as interns with companies such as Morgan Stanley Dean Witter; QVC, Inc.; Intermedia Marketing; First National Bank; First Union; American Express; Vanguard; and SEI.

Is It Possible to Graduate in Four Years?

Of course. It is certainly possible for full-time business students who study hard and do not switch majors after their sophomore year to graduate in four years.

Are There Any Scholarships Available?

The university, the Dean of the College of Business and Public Management, and the departments offer scholarships for outstanding students. For information about the types of CBPM scholarships offered, please visit the WCU Financial Aid Office.

Are There Any Clubs and Activities for Business Students?

We encourage students to participate in clubs and activities throughout the university. Participation can develop leadership skills, interpersonal skills, and lifelong friendships. Some departmental clubs include Beta Alpha Psi, the Accounting, Finance, and Information Systems Honors Fraternity; Chi Alpha Epsilon, the Economics Honor Society; and Sigma Iota Epsilon, the Honorary and Professional Fraternity of the Academy of Management. Please check the full listing of student organizations in the College of Business and Public Management. An increasing number of potential employers are seeking graduates with experience in voluntary service activities. If you are interested in voluntary service activities, the Office of Service Learning and Volunteer Programs can provide volunteer activities related to your major.

For more information, contact:

Department of Accounting, 610-436-3460

Department of Economics and Finance, 610-436-3460

Department of Management, 610-436-2304

Department of Marketing, 610-436-2304

Business Analytics, Dr. Wei Du ( or Dr. Li Lu (