Business Internship for Employers

Thank you for contacting West Chester University to begin the internship process. We look forward to helping you find a good match.

Our programs' internship curriculum enables the students to put theory into practice and facilitates the entry of our students into the workplace upon graduation. Most of our students have accepted or are weighing job offers in their final semesters. This success is due to the quality of the business programs at WCU as well as the academic and professional qualifications of our graduates; which are well known by recruiters in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Thus, we have a track record of providing recruiters with high quality entry-level employees within these regions.

Employers arrange on-campus interviews through the university's Twardowski Career Development Center (CDC). The services provided by the CDC include resume review and referral, career workshops, career fairs, career counseling, job placement, and on-campus interview arrangement. These services are provided free of charge to students, alumni and staff. Your first step is to contact Jennifer Long in the CDC. She will help you register and post the job description and specific tasks that are required of the prospective intern. In addition, the CDC staff can give you information on our career fairs.

Once the internship is posted on Handshake, please contact the Director of Business Programs to send out an announcement to all the requisite business majors. Students directly apply for the internship and the employer selects the students whom they would like to interview through the Handshake.

Once a student receives an offer, s/he contacts the internship coordinator to fill out an internship application to request credits. The employer must designate an individual to be responsible for direct supervision of the intern. Typically, 135 work hours (over the semester) are required for a three-credit internship, whereas 270 work hours are required for a six-credit internship. Students must complete three two-page papers describing what they have done during the internship. At the end of the semester (or internship), the employer must complete an employee evaluation form for the intern and return it to the Internship Coordinator. Students can register for future internships with you, as long as they perform different tasks than they did in the previous internship.

After your internship is posted on our Handshake site, please send a copy of the job posting to the Director of Business Programs for credit approval.

We look forward to seeing you on campus!