Knowledgeable, accessible faculty provide student-centered learning experiences. Faculty engage in scholarly activities related to teaching, their field, and/or community issues. Regional businesses and community organizations rely on the college as a resource using these services: Center for Newcomer Onboarding, Cottrell Entrepreneurship Center, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial Analysis Center and the Supply Chain and Business Intelligence Center.

Center for Newcomer Onboarding

The Center for Newcomer Onboarding is devoted to facilitating newcomer onboarding experiences and outcomes through teaching, research and practice.

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Cottrell Entrepreneurship Center

The Cottrell Entrepreneurship Center serves as a catalyst for regional economic development by promoting entrepreneurship at West Chester University in Chester County and throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania. 

Designed to inspire students and engage in entrepreneurial ventures by exposing them first hand to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial environments and to foster economic development, the center provides access to the many resources of West Chester University's College of Business and Public Management. The center offers seminars and workshops, guest lectures, and online resources. The center also provides consulting teams to assist startup organizations. Each year the center also hosts a speaker series featuring our distinguished alumni as well as regional entrepreneurial leaders.

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GIS and Spatial Analysis Center

The GIS and Spatial Analysis Center supports students taking GIS, Computer Cartography, Remote Sensing, Business GIS, Land Use Planning and several other courses taught in the Department of Geography and Planning. The center also provides research support and services for Faculty, local agencies, businesses and the Chester County community to access and analyze geospatial information relevant to their disciplines and interests.

The types of analysis that can be completed utilizing the center and its resources include the following: analyzing and solving environmental problems, locating optimal sites for new organizations and businesses, analyzing the impacts of proposed land use changes, prioritizing open space and natural resource preservation efforts, modeling natural processes like storm water runoff and flooding, and meeting many other critically important challenges.

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Supply Chain and Business Intelligence Center

The Supply Chain and Business Intelligence Center is committed to providing students with information, education, and career resources on supply chain management and other corresponding fields. Our mission is to collaborate with internal departments and external companies to facilitate student learning, build connections and networks, create experimental learning activities, and participate in SCM competitions and events.

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