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Help Your Student Apply to WCU

Application Checklist

Apply online to West Chester University, via the Common App 

Pay the $45 application fee or submit an approved fee waiver

Submit official high school transcripts or GED

Send official SAT or ACT scores*

*To be considered official, test scores must be sent from the testing agency or high school counseling office. Test scores are optional for Fall 2021 admission.  

Please note that letters of recommendation and essays/personal statements are not required.

WCU is a Slate School

Join us on Slate.org, a free tool that can help you schedule school visits, view student application status information, and conveniently and securely submit admissions materials. We hope this platform will provide a stronger relationship and will streamline communication between you, the school counselor, and the Office of Admissions at WCU. To get started, click “register” at the top of Slate.org.

Test Optional for Fall 2021

In a continued effort to minimize the stress of today's reality for students, submitting SAT and/or ACT scores will be an optional, not required, part of the admissions process for students applying to WCU for Fall 2021.

This one-year change to the admissions process is being made by WCU in direct response to the cancellation of all spring testing dates across the nation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The University understands that the current environment has made it especially difficult for students to take or retake standardized tests. The one-year admissions amendment will be reevaluated following the enrolling of the Class of 2021. 

If they choose, students continue to have the option to submit test scores, but they will not be penalized for not doing so. 

Common-App-exclusive for Fall 2021

In an effort to make the West Chester University application process easier, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions is pleased to announce that for Fall 2021 first year applicants we will be going Common-App-exclusive. Students can apply on the Common App

Fee Waivers

West Chester University recognizes the fee waiver form supplied by the College Board SAT Program Fee Service, ACT and/or the fee waiver form supplied by the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC).

If a student needs to reapply to WCU due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their application fee will be waived. 

Fee waivers can be faxed to 610-436-2907, emailed to ugadmiss@wcupa.edu or mailed to:

West Chester University
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
100 W. Rosedale Avenue
West Chester, PA 19383
Please include the students date of birth and address to ensure that the waiver is applied to the correct application. Students who receive a fee waiver will be able to bypass the application payment screen.

Please feel free to contact our office at 610-439-3411 or ugadmiss@wcupa.edu for any additional questions regarding fee waivers.

2021 Admission Process Updates & FAQs

Is the Office of Admissions open?

How can I send documents for my students?

  • The Office of Admissions will accept transcripts via traditional methods (Naviance, SCOIR, etc.) or via email. If you would like to email documents, you can do so by sending them to ugadmiss@wcupa.edu

My student cannot afford to pay the $200 admissions deposit but would like to attend WCU next fall. What should they do?

  • If your student is experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19 and is unable to pay the admissions deposit, they can complete the deposit deferral form that is on their WCU admissions portal. 

My student is still interested in applying but cannot afford to pay the $45 application fee. Are you still accepting fee waivers?

  • Yes! You or your student can email us at ugadmiss@wcupa.edu with a request to waive the application fee. 

My student is reapplying to WCU because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Will they have to pay the application fee?

  • No, if the student is reapplying because of changes due to the pandemic, their application fee will be waived.  

My accepted students still have questions and would like to connect with someone before making a final decision. Are there opportunities to speak with WCU faculty/staff?

Are there other opportunities to learn about campus at this time?

I currently do not have access to send official transcripts while working from home. How can my student complete their application?

  • We understand that many schools are closed because of COVID-19. If you are unable to send an official transcript because your high school is closed, WCU will accept unofficial high school transcripts. Unofficial transcripts must include the student's full name and credit for courses taken and should be emailed to ugadmiss@wcupa.edu. Unfortunately we cannot accept screenshots of transcripts. Please note that official transcripts will be required to be submitted once the high school reopens. 

One of my former students is home from college and is looking to transfer to WCU, but they cannot obtain official transcripts to send. How can they send information if their school is closed?

  • We understand that many schools are closed because of COVID-19. If your student is unable to send official transcripts because their institution is closed, WCU will accept unofficial college transcripts. Unofficial transcripts must include the student's full name, course title, grades, number of credits taken, and quality points earned and should be emailed to ugadmiss@wcupa.edu. Unfortunately we cannot accept screenshots of transcripts. Please note that official transcripts will be required to be submitted once the institution reopens.

If my school goes to alternate grading, will that negatively impact students for admission next year?

  • The Office of Admissions will be as accommodating as possible during this time. If you school decides to implement pass/fail or another alternate mode of grading, we will accept it. Students will not be penalized. 

Will you still accept AP credits?

  • Yes! We accept a score of 3 or higher on AP Exams, regardless of the difference in administration in 2019-2020. 

I have a specific admissions-related question that is not addressed in these FAQs. Who can I contact?

Deferral Process

An incoming first year student was planning to attend WCU in Fall 2020, but now because of the change to online learning they would like to attend community college in the fall instead. Will they be allowed to attend WCU in Spring 2021 without having to reapply? 

  • PASSHE defines a transfer as a student who has taken post-secondary coursework at any point after the summer they graduate high school, regardless of the number of credits earned. (This is a system-wide definition, rather than just a West Chester-specific designation.) Therefore, if your student plans to take community college courses this fall, they would not be able to defer their enrollment as they would now be considered a transfer student. Transfer students will need to apply using the transfer application, which will be available after August 1. One thing to note is that for a student who had intended to come to WCU this fall but is deferring their start date at WCU due to COVID-19 and attending community college, we will not require the student to pay the application fee to reapply. They should choose the "fee waiver" option when submitting either the transfer Common Application or the West Chester-specific application. For more information about the transfer process, they are welcome to review our Transfer FAQ webpage or they can reach out to ugtransfer@wcupa.edu at any time for assistance. We also encourage them to use our Transfer Credit Center. This is a very helpful resource which helps determine which courses will transfer to WCU. 

If a current WCU student (a sophomore, for example) decides to defer for the Fall 2020 semester and takes classes at community college, will they be permitted to attend WCU in Spring 2021, or will they have to reapply? 

  • Continuing students are provided two semesters of non-enrollment before they are required to apply for readmissions. So if they opted out of the fall term, they could return in the spring and not be required to re-enroll. 

Housing Information

For questions about housing at WCU, please reach out to them directly:

Affiliated Housing

Traditional Housing

Academic Success Program Summer 2020 Updates

The health and safety of our students and staff is extremely important to us, so we have made the decision to hold all Academic Success Program (ASP) courses and activities remotely this summer. Classes will be synchronous (live) and will meet each weekday between 8:30 and 11:45 a.m. Tutoring will be available in the afternoons. 

Will students still be able to live on campus this summer?

  • Because ASP classes will be remote and campus will not be open, there will be no housing offered during the summer. If you have housing questions, please contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing by phone at 610-436-3307 or 610-436-3306 or by email at housing@wcupa.edu

Will these changes to ASP impact tuition?

  • Tuition will be adjusted to reflect the changes to ASP. Information regarding cost will be emailed to students. 

How will students take their placement tests?

  • Students will be able to take the math and writing placement tests in the First Year Enrollment Portal on myWCU. They will receive an email from the Registrar's Office to their WCU email once the portal becomes available. 

My student has questions about FAFSA or Financial Aid. Who can they talk to?

  • For questions about FAFSA, verification, ACT 101 waiver, or any other Financial Aid issue, please contact Tori Nuccio at TNuccio@wcupa.edu

How can students access additional support?

  • The faculty and staff of ASP will be available to students every step of the way to provide them with the support they need to be successful. Students will have peer assistants who will serve as mentors throughout the summer. 

My student has ASP forms they still need to submit. How can they do that?

  • ASP forms can be submitted online. Any paper forms should be signed, scanned, and sent via email to CPistritto@wcupa.edu

AP Policy Update

AP Exam funding for low income students

  • Pennsylvania will use state funds to further reduce the 2020 AP Exam fees to $20 per exam for students who qualify for the College Board AP Exam fee reduction. 

AP credit policy

  • Students attending PASSHE institutions can now receive college credit for AP Exam scores of 3 and higher. 
  • WCU will still accept AP credits for exams taken during the 2019-2020 academic year. 

Campus Contacts

Admissions: 610-436-6952

Financial Aid: 610-436-6952

Registrar: 610-436-3541

Academic Success Program: 610-436-3274

Honors College: 610-436-2996

Residence Life and Housing Services (university housing): 610-436-3307

University Student Housing Office (affiliated housing): 610-430-4988

Off Campus and Commuter Services: 610-436-2209

Office of Services for Students with Disabilities: 610-436-2564

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